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yee concept car

Solar Powered Cars – The Quest is on

The green world has been developing new strategies for solar powered engines and its main goal is one to create the car of the future, which will be totally green. Here are few of the most spectacular solar powered concept cars, which are going to hit the markets in a few years. One of the […]

brushing teeth

Use Less Water for a Greener Living

In case you are going to lead a green lifestyle, you surely have to cut down the water usage, in order to reduce the water waste and your utility bills. Here are few methods that are going to change your habits, when it comes to water usage. Start with the washing of your hands. As […]

green fitness

Fitness Regime – Time to Go Green

The word fitness sounds green enough. It shows that you are already an eco-friendly person. But you can make it still better. Green fitness is all about the choices you make when you work out. Here is some advice that will make your fitness regime greener and of course, healthier. At first, if you are […]

green diet

The Basic Steps of Green Diet

In case you are going to change the way you eat and you want to start a healthy diet, here are the right steps to do it. Changing the food routine often causes some stress for the body, but if you are eating healthy foods you will see the results quickly. Include vegetables in your […]

eco cruise

Eco Cruises To Conserve The Environment

Environmental consciousness is on the rise. With global warming and the extinction of many of the earth’s endangered species, people are considering these Eco Cruises a viable holiday option. These tours allow people not just the fun and relaxation of a cruise but also to do so in a responsible manner that helps in conserving […]

dog food

Make Pets Live Green – Have a Greener Life

In case you are leading a green lifestyle, your pet can start following a green regime. Here are few things you can do about it. At first, the flea battle can be done in a greener way. Usually the anti-flea products are made out of harmful toxins, so you can find a better alternative to […]

heat from human bodies

Humans – A Viable Source of Green Energy

The science has reached a high level, especially in the past few years, but what really surprises is the fact that human body can be used as a battery. It sounds odd, but it is a fact, especially for few Parisian scientists that invented an unusual way to power the metro. Their idea is quite […]

beer cans

Kitchen Energy and How Easily We Waste It

The kitchen is perhaps the highest energy consumer in a standard house. Here are all the major appliances working around the clock and here is the place where the food is cooked. The idea that the fridge consumes less when it is empty is completely wrong. An empty fridge will start the cooling program far […]

green energy

Green Energy – What Happened in 2010 and What to Expect in 2011

2010 is clearly a year that has changed a lot of things in this matter. The improvement of the green technology came with the IBM invention. The company has created an affordable solar cell made out of dirt cheap materials. The big news is that this cell is able to hit an efficiency of 9.6 […]