Future Moms – Going Green and Organic is Good for Your Baby


Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs and the pressure that we put on ourselves to excel at this job is tremendous. As a parent it is our duty and desire to give the child best of everything that we can.

future momAs parents we want a safe and nurturing place where our children can grow as we want them to live in a good environment. One of the few things that a parent can do to ensure this, is to lead a green and healthy life and give the child a good beginning.

You can start as early as your pregnancy. What a mother does and eats during her pregnancy plays a large role in the future health and life of the child. If the mother has non-green habits she is depriving the child of a good and healthy start. A balanced and green diet ensures that the unborn baby gets the right nutrients and is not exposed to unhealthy chemicals.

Eating an organic diet is a must if you want to avoid exposure of chemicals to your yet to be born baby. The fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides and other chemicals used to grow the traditional food are transmitted to the baby through the mother if she eats regular food. This is true even after the baby has been born and the mother is breast feeding the baby.

The consumption of processed food also leads to unnecessary chemicals in the form of stabilizers and preservatives. Processed food also lacks in nutrients that are essential for an expecting or lactating mother.

The idea is to make green choices so that your child may start life healthy and without the influence of chemicals.

Eat organic. Choose food that is organic and closest to its natural form. Stay away from processed food and avoid impulsive eating and cravings that are part of a pregnancy. An increased intake of magnesium rich food can help you with this. Incorporate nuts, green vegetables, unprocessed grains and seeds that have been grown organically. An adequate intake of magnesium is essential to maintain good pregnancy health, avoid birth defects and assist in child birth.

If you are just starting to eat organic food, a few foods top the list that you should start off with. Beef, potatoes, milk, soy and apples are the first products that you should go green with. When inorganically grown, these are food products that contain maximum amount of chemical residue in the form of insecticides, fertilizers and pesticides.

Look for organic food and make the right choices to give your child a green and healthy life.


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