Be an Eco Smart Shopper


Being smart while shopping is what we all crave to be. The compulsive need of shopping more than we can afford is many times quite damaging for our pocket and for the environment.

eco smart shopperSo if we feel the need to fit in the consumerist society, shopping smartly and eco sensibly can make sure that we consider the world we leave in.

There are rules which, if followed could make a lot of difference for the results of the regular shopping spree we all fall into every now and then. So the next time you are in a shopping mall consider the rules and you will see how effective they are.

1. Grab the larger bag

If you have to choose between a small sized pocket of coffee and a large one, buy the latter. It might not sound wise but it is usually cheaper and eco smarter.

10% of the regular landfill is made of wrappings. Buying larger quantities minimizes the quantity of packages you will be throwing away. The energy investment used to produce the packages is also to be considered. So the fewer packages you throw away the more energy you save.

2. Say no to plastic bags

It is both simple and amusing. As a plus it will surely help your personal branding to see the people around looking at you being responsible and putting your shopping in a cloth bag you bring from home. It is simple, fun and the right thing to do.

3. Avoid over wrapped goods

You do not realize it, but when you buy meat on a plastic tray, wrapped in plastic foil and the shop assistant puts it in another plastic bag for you to take it home, you are going to throw away three different layers of plastic that will increase the landfill.

4. Buy recyclable products and stay away from single use products

Choose the products labeled with the three green arrows. Try and buy cloth napkins instead of paper and stay away from single use plastic glasses and dishes. Avoid using them and you will see how much money you save and also how less garbage you produce.

5. Buy organic clothing

Yes, it is more expensive, most of it being hand made from organically grown fabric. Still you should know that the technological process, standard clothing is made with, is a high energy consumer and also a highly polluting process.


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