UN Alarmed by Bee Disappearance


When Einstein launched the theory that from the moment the honey bees will disappear the human species has only four years before becoming extinct, the world laughed. Nowadays the UN is sounding the alarm concerned about this exact problem.

The smaller and smaller number of bees already threatens to aggravate the world food crisis considering that over a third of the world’s food sources are based on bee pollination.

Bee DisappearanceThe food obtained by bee pollination ensures 35% of the calories we consume as well as the large majority of minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants.

In spite of their large food source the bees die at an alarming rate that created the fear of mass extinction.

So far the bee crisis was treated as a secondary subject but lately the matter becomes even more pressing. This happens because the price of the food from the UN index
has reached the highest peak in history and the grain deficit causes riots in the Middle East.

This is how the problem has become one of maximum emergency, being mandatory to be solved before the world food security becomes an issue aggravating the already complicated situation created by the recession.

The US Rabobank declared that the number of bee colonies dying in US has grown from 30% to 35 % in the last year, after many years during which it remained constant at 10%. The bees death toll is over 20% in Europe and almost equally bad in Asia and Latin America.

According to Rabobank , Einstein’s apocalyptic scenario is slightly exaggerated because the large cultures of grain all over the world are pollinated by the wind.

However, the bees are a key factor in pollinating the fruit trees and vegetables all over the world as well as in ensuring the crops of coffee and cocoa.

The worst situation is in US where the unbalance is becoming more and more obvious since 1961. Nowadays, the agriculture manages to ensure pollination with only 10% of the bees that did the same thing a decade ago.

UN calls for a drastic reduction in pesticides use proposing high fines to be applied for the pesticide propagation in the bee risk areas.

The measures could not have come sooner especially because the small bee colonies can barely keep up with the climate changes going on in the world.


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