The Green Daycare Concept and Why to Choose It


Child day care centers are an essential part of life for many working parents. They leave their young kids in the care of professionals. It is but natural that they want the best they can afford for their kids, which includes a greener and more organic approach to day care.

Day care centers for kids are slowly but steadily moving towards being green facilities. There has been a considerable increase in the number of day care centers that follow green practices in their daily routine.

Green Daycare Concept

Most of these conscious day care centers are located in and around Oregon, thanks to the Oregon Environmental Council.

The council has an Eco Healthy Child Care Program that provides a checklist for the green activities of a day care center. It is almost like a certification program for green day care centers.

The basics include air quality, prevention of pests and pesticides, household chemicals like chlorine, presence of lead or mercury, quality of furniture, carpets, non toxic art supplies, use of PVC plastic for toys and other objects, radon, waste treatment, recycling, playground equipment and various other factors which tell you how green a day care center is.

There are a few centers which take things pretty seriously and aim to be truly green. These include FIO360 and Little Green Tree House. LGTH has its own organic vegetable garden and promises to provide the little brats with locally sourced snacks.

FIO360 is a unique day care center that has stringent green quality controls and promises to give your child the greenest possible care. Visitors are expected to wear their blue FIO shoes inside its premises to keep the toxins from the streets away.

They use organic mattresses free from chemicals like formaldehyde, organic wool rugs (imported from NZ), organic wooden toys and even organic hormone-free foods that are prepared by their own chef.

The center has no PVC products and uses organic and natural toys as well as environmentally friendly cleaning products. The children have an excellent daily routine and every material they use is non-toxic.

It is no doubt among the most expensive day care, but what is a little money when one is talking about the right environment for one’s kids.


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