8 Money-Saving and Green iPhone Apps: Save Water, Cut Your Electric Bills and Find the Cheapest Fuel


-8 iPhone Apps That Will Save You Energy, Water, And Money

Whether you’re looking for a way to cut energy and water use at home to become greener, or seeking ways to buy greener, there’s an iPhone app for that. With countless ways to save money while living a more eco-friendly life, and with such convenience, there’s little excuse not to know!

1. My Water Diary

My Water Diary is an app that helps you track your weekly water consumption so that you can reduce your use and save money. On an average, Americans use upwards of 150 litres of water daily, which is much higher than most other people in the world.

This app helps you reduce your water consumption by tracking what you use for drinking, cooking, washing, and more.

2. Water Meter

Water also means energy. It takes energy to filter water, energy to convey it to your home, energy to heat it, and then energy to take it away to the water treatment plant where the cycle starts all over again.

Here’s another app, the WaterMeter, which tracks all of your water meters and records your water usage.

3. This Is Greeen iphone App

ThisIsGreen is an iPhone app that helps you save money while living a greener, healthier life. As you browse through the house, you’ll be able to zoom into various rooms, fixtures, and objects to learn about how you can green that part of your home.

Whether it can be how to recycle your electronics or ideas for cutting electricity consumption in the kitchen, it’s got everything.

4. GasBuddy: Save Money at the Pump

If you’re looking for ways to save at the pump, then try out this GasBuddy application. It claims to save you the equivalent of one iPhone’s worth of money in one tank of gas by helping you find the cheapest rates in your area.

Since gas prices can be as much as 20% higher or lower in a single city, it pays to know the inside scoop on the cheapest gas prices in town. Works in Canada and the US.

5. MeterRead

Get to know your electric meter and find out how much energy you’re using and how to save money with this MeterRead app. With this app, you can monitor your electric use and save between 10-20% on your monthly utility bill.

The app will even give you a detailed 30-day kWh usage estimate based on current energy consumption.

6. Green Charging

Use this Green Charging app to reduce the energy consumption of your mobile phone. It will help you by monitoring how much energy is being used as you charge your phone. When the battery is fully charged, Green Charging will notify you with sound effects and vibration so that you can unplug your phone to save energy.

It will also help you by providing information on battery status, stand-by time, and talk time in percentages.

7. Yard Sale Mapper

Reusing and recycling is a really green way to save resources and prevent landfill waste.

And buying ‘used’ is one of the best ways to save money. Now you can find all of the local garage and yard sales and other second hand finds by using the Yard Sale Mapper app which plots all Craigslist.org listings in your area on a map.

8. Save Benjis

Save gas and time by avoiding having to drive around to a bunch of different stores to find the best price with Save Benjis.

This little app uses a barcode scanner to determine the best price in your area for a certain item.


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