The Environmental Benefits of Outsourcing your Waste Removal

The Environmental Benefits of Outsourcing your Waste Removal

The Environmental Benefits of Outsourcing your Waste Removal

From composting to upcycling, recycling and more, there are plenty of green alternatives for disposing of your waste. But there are few as hassle-free as outsourcing your waste removal to a sustainable waste management company.

Find out all the need-to-know information about outsourcing to sustainable waste management companies and how this can benefit you (and the planet), here:

What is Sustainable Waste Management?

Sustainable waste management is the collection and disposal of waste that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

But with the UK population growing at a rate of 0.7% per year, there is increasing pressure on the UK’s environment, due to growing waste generations and disposal rates.

The concept of sustainable waste management aims to address these long term pressures that waste has on our environment and is the reason why many people are deciding to improve their environmental efficiencies through the process of sustainable waste management.

How Can You Make Sure you Sustainably Dispose of your Waste?benefits of outsourcing

Well, this is achieved by reducing the amount of waste produced and then dealing with the waste, which is produced in a way that actively contributes to the economic, social and environmental goals of sustainable development.

One of key the principles of sustainable waste management is the application of the waste hierarchy. Ensuring that every source of waste (solid, liquid or gas), is dealt with as high up the waste hierarchy as possible. The only way to avoid the negative impact that waste has on our environment in not to produce it in the first place, therefore waste prevention has top place within the hierarchy.

Outsourcing your waste removal to a professional service will ensure your material is disposed of correctly. And all the best companies will be able to recycle over 95% of all collected dry waste, meaning it will be reused and reduce the impact to the planet!

4 Top Tips to Improve the Sustainability of Your Waste

1. Create a ‘Green’ Garden

Build a compost heap where you can recycle food and garden waste. This will provide you with plenty of fertiliser for your garden and could save you money in the long run.

outsourcing waste removal

2. Car Share

Does a colleague live nearby? Then why not take it in turn to drive the pair of you to work? This will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. Or if you’re feeling athletic, you could reduce it further by cycling to work.

3. Reduce Water Use

Smart controls are an easy way of reducing the flow and therefore, the overall usage of water in your home. Less water will be wasted and the pennies you’ll save will soon mount up.

4. Outsource Your Waste Management

Affordable and stress free, ensure your waste is recycled where possible and the rest is disposed of correctly.

Are you interested in learning more about sustainable waste management and outsourcing the removal of it? Then speak to GD Environmental on 016333 277755. They are quickly becoming one of the first carbon positive waste management companies in the UK so let them collect, transport and recycle your waste today!


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