Points of Comparison Between Diesel and Biodiesel

points of comparison between diesel and biodiesel

As the population across the globe is increasing, so are the requirements of lifestyle and this is the reason why we are running out of many nonrenewable assets such as fossil fuels. Some of the common examples of fossil fuels include goal, oil, gas, wood and certain minerals like copper.

In order to think of ways to prolong these non renewable sources, scientists have come up with certain renewable sources of energy and one of the most prized one is biodiesel.  The main difference between petroleum diesel and biodiesel is the source that separates them. But if you wish to know the other differences between them, you can go through the following given information.

points of comparison between diesel and biodiesel

  • Where on one hand, diesel is one of the major air pollutants in the world and causes many heart ailments and lung problems, biodiesel on the other is a 75% cleaner fuel and is hence safer than diesel in many ways.
  • Another difference between the two is that petroleum diesel is a fossil fuel and releases a lot of carbon dioxide in the air when burnt but biodiesel releases a much (about 78%) lower amount of carbon dioxide in the air. This is the reason why biodiesel is an efficient fuel for managing global warming whereas diesel is a fuel which is responsible for global warming.
  • Biodiesel consists of a solvent which helps to clean off deposits of petroleum diesel from pipes and tanks. It thus serves as a super lubrication agent and its combustion leaves very few such particles behind. On the other hand, petroleum diesel possesses no such property.
  • Engines which run on biodiesel are known to start very smoothly and run better with clear emissions. This is so because this fuel has a higher cetane number due to the presence of oxygen. But diesel again possesses no such quality and has lower cetane number.
  • Diesel is known for high sulfuric acid emissions which can be very harmful for the environment but biodiesel produces lesser amounts of carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons and sulfur dioxide and is thus safer for the environment.
  • Biodiesel is helpful and effective in removing crude oil from water but with diesel, there is no such possibility or scope.
  • Another difference or point of comparison between these two fuels is that where on one hand, biodiesel is not yet used widely, diesel is sold worldwide and in huge quantities on an everyday basis. There are only 19 national biodiesel boards which supply biodiesel in United States.
  • Biodiesel is definitely environment friendly but its highlight feature is that it is highly economical as well. This is so because it does not incur any import costs. Diesel on the other hand is an imported product for most nations and is the less economical out of the two.
  • Biodiesel is more expensive than diesel and the reason for this is soybean from which biodiesel is sourced. Soybean is only 20% oil and this is why the production costs of biodiesel are high.


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