5 Things You Can Do to Be Green


One of the most important things every homeowner must be aware of is making your home “green.” Turning a home into a green one doesn’t mean repainting the property. It means making the house more energy-efficient. Here are five ways you can do so:

1. Start with the thermostat

one of the first things you need to invest in is a thermostat. But not just your average thermostat; you need to get a programmable one. A study from ENERGY STAR said that a programmable thermostat can help an average home save up to as much as $150 in their energy consumption. Many Beverly Hills real estate come with newer high-tech thermostats.


These thermostats will cost you from $30 to up to as much as $250. Don’t worry about the price tag because, in the long run, the returns will be all worth the expense.

2. Go fluorescent

If you are still using those old incandescent light bulbs, then you need to make the switch to fluorescent lights, ASAP. Replace those old lights that you use inside your living room. Make those lights shine brighter by ditching your old lights in your kitchen. Compared to standard bulbs, the fluorescent types use two-thirds less energy. Moreover, the last 10 times longer, making them excellent long-term investments.

3. Use the blanket technique

Do you have a hot water heater? Make sure to put a blanket on it. It has been proven that placing blankets on your heater will lower your heating consumption to about 4 percent to 9 percent. You can go for those pre-cut blankets and jackets that cost $10 to $20.

Before purchasing, however, ask if friendly public utility if they have some at discount, or if you can get them with rebates. In the event that your water heater is more than 10 years old, perhaps it’s time to replace it with a new and more energy-efficient one.

4. Standby power matters

Like it or not, your home’s standby power also contributes to your monthly electric bill. They can be considered vampire power in the sense that they draw electricity even if you are not using your appliances and gadgets. So if you leave your appliances standby functions like remote control features, displays, and other indicators on, you can expect them to be silently feeding on your electricity. Make sure to unplug your appliances especially when going out of the house.

5. Go for a low-flow showerhead

Lastly, switch to a low-flow shower for your bathroom. For just $5 to $50, you can bring down your heating consumption by as much as 50 percent. Moreover, you should also consider installing a faucet aerator on your kitchen. This will also reduce your water consumption by half. If you are in the market looking for Beverly Hills homes for sale contact a trusted real estate agent.


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