Renovating Your House For An Eco Friendly Outlook

Renovating Your House For An Eco Friendly Outlook

Continued and prolonged stay at a house can make the setup look old, dreary and dull. It is around this time; you feel the need to shift to a new home. However, your economic condition might not always indulge this decision. Again, as a saying goes, old is gold, your old house could hold a large number of memories for you and could be much more than just a structure under which you lived. Then, you can consider renovation instead of renunciation.

There are different ways in which you can renovate your house. However, the best ways are the eco-friendly ways which will not only make your project of renovation much more economic, but will be environment-friendly as well. Let us take a look at some eco friendly approaches of renovating your house.

Renovating Your House For An Eco Friendly Outlook

Buy Reclaimed

When we think of renovation, always ‘new and shiny’ comes to our mind. However, these days it is the trend of buying reclaimed wood that is in vogue. Reclaimed wood or timber is an excellent idea for renovating your doors, windows frames, kitchen cabinets and also kitchen shelves and desks. They give a vintage look to the interior décor.

Don’t Demolish Always

While renovating always don’t be in a hurry to break everything that is old. Instead close inspection is a better idea through which you can clearly understand the facets that needs attention. Retain as much old as possible. Only overthrow the decaying. This helps to reduce cost and also adds character to your house.


Instead of throwing away of your goods, donating them is a better idea. This is a process that can help to build homes for the poor and the underprivileged.

Energy Efficient

At the time of buyingappliances for your home look for energy efficient appliances. This is denoted with the help of the energy efficiency stars. Look for appliances that offer 4 to 5 stars. This is how these appliances can be run on a regular basis with low electricity consumption rates.

Buy Pre-owned

Instead of buying new items for interior décor, the pieces of furniture could also be a pre-used one. This way you can make the whole deal much economic and also eco friendly.


This is applicable in cases of your furniture and also that of your lampshades and chandeliers. When you feel that an old piece has become really dull, then instead of throwing it, try to repaint and revamp it. This can help you use tons of your earlier home décor items and also keep the process of home renovation more economic and eco-friendly.

Good Insulation

Always remember to insulate your house well. This will protect your house from external elements and yet again it will help you to keep your house warmer in the winters and cooler in the summers.

A little extra thought is all that is required at the time of renovating your house, so that the project can be done in an eco-friendly manner. Choose all your chemicals in a careful manner. For example, using low voc paints is a great idea to paint your walls and furniture pieces.


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