No-Brainer Ways to Live Greener Ways

No-Brainer Ways to Live Greener Ways

We are all accustomed to the ancient adage; Recycle, and Reuse. But have we really taken that up seriously or really incorporate them into our daily lives? The bigger question remains as of now, is that how can we simultaneously save the planet and save money?

Climate change is making news and is at present the current topic of discussions by the top-leading nations and organizations. That said, it is quite great of you if you have already turned into something eco-friendly to bring about a change. But if you wish to do more for the deteriorating planet and help it turn green, then here are few expert-suggested tips that you can all incorporate in your daily lives.

No-Brainer Ways to Live Greener Ways

1. Save energy, save bucks 

  • Make sure you have adjusted the thermostat a few degrees lower during the winters and vice-versa during the summers to save on cooling and heating expenses.
  • Switch to CFL’s or compact fluorescent bulbs in place of incandescent
  • Unplug the appliances when they are not in use.
  • Try washing clothes in cold water whenever you can as 85% of the energy taken up by the washing-machines are used to heat the water.

2. Save water to save on your pocket 

  • Take the shorternumber of showers to prevent the water from being used exorbitantly. This would ultimately lower your heating and water bills as well.
  • Try installing a low-flow shower head. They are quite cost-friendly and the energy and water savings can pay your investments quickly.
  • Ensure you have installed faucet aerator on each of the faucets in your house.These cheap appliances conserve water and heat while keeping the pressure of the water high.

3. Lesser the gas, more the money 

  • Take a walk or a cycle when commuting to your work. This would save on parking and gas costs while bettering your health and decreasing the obesity risks.
  • Take up telecommunicating if you reside farther from your workplace.

4. Eat right 

  • If you are partaking one meat meal, make sure you one meal sans meat as well. Meat is quite expensive when you take up the related the health and environment factors associated with it.
  • Purchase the locally based and raised organic meat, dairy, meat whenever possible. Buying from the local farmers keeps your money in the local economy.
  • Watch and subscribe to videos that teach you how and why are sustainable and local food good and beneficial.

5. Think twice before purchasing 

  • Switch to online shopping to search second-hand products or lesser used products. Whether you have just moved into a new house or thinking of redecorating, think of services that are made to track down appliances, furniture and other cheap items free of cost.
  • Check out with the various garage sales, consignment shops and thrift stores and other items.
  • Watch videos and learn what happens when you purchase items. Your purchase has a great deal of impact, for worse or for better.

So these were few of the no-brainer to live simpler and greener lives. Adopt these now to help save the environment and become smart.


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