Countries That Are Likely To Witness Severe Water Crisis In Future

Countries That Are Likely To Witness Severe Water Crisis In Future

Water is an element that happens to be imperative for life. Clean water is used for different purposes and is integral to human and animal sustenance. It is also required for activities of business and farming. However, the current conditions on earth seem to be very unstable as far as the gamut of water contents are considered.

There are certain parts of the world where the level of water happens to be depleting at that too at an alarming rate. Scientific researchers have revealed the fact that just as there is a decrease in the water level in some of the countries, there are certain parts of the world where there is an increase in the water level. Hence if some countries are at a fear of flood then some of the parts of the world are at a fear of drought. This imbalance causes a major stress for the global population.

Countries That Are Likely To Witness Severe Water Crisis In Future

Countries That May Face Drought

The countries in the Middle East happen to be at an increasing fear of lowering water levels. Yemen is a solid example which exhibits the problems of the population in the face of severe scarcity of water. This is a trouble that can seriously affect the well-being and been the existence of the humans. Middle Eastern Arab countries such as Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are countries that are likely to face severe water challenges in the future. These are the countries which use treated saline water and also underground water.

Some other countries that faces an integral challenge in terms of their water supply are Singapore, San Marino, Palestine, Israel, Oman, Lebanon, Singapore, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Libya, Iran, Jordan, Morocco, Iraq, Armenia, Chile, Turkey, Algeria, Spain, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Greece, Syria and Chile.

These are some of the countries that lie in the high danger zone. However, it should not be thought that they are the only nations that happen to face a threat. There are other nations in the world that happen to face different levels of water threat. It is expected that 2030, 2040 and the following period will see some very tough times. There could be added political, economic and social problems that could arise out of scarcity of water.

Nature of Problems Due To Water Scarcity

The nature of problems due to water scarcity could be various. Water scarcity is a problem that will touch all the aspect of life. It is a problem that could also lead to massive civil disobedience. Water is one of the basic requirements of life. You cannot think of a happy and healthy life without water. Once water is commissioned and is rationed for the common people, you can imagine that one has to take their sanctioned amount under the strict vigilance of the army. This is exactly what is going on in Namibia. Things are really bad. Health and hygiene is yet again a factor that will see majorsetback. This will mean that a larger number of diseases and ailments will break out in the world. Mob and gang fights will arise and also major political and economic setbacks will occur.


There could be various reasons that could lead to water scarcity. One of the major reasons could be the improper balance of mother nature. This due to the irresponsible behavior of the people of the world. The reduced forests of the world have led to increased droughts that has led to major water problems. Population explosion could yet again be other reasons. Water pollution is also a substantial reason that leads to water scarcity.

Finally, it can be said that until the people of the world becomes more aware of their duties, this problem will never subside. Hence it is the responsibility of the governments of the world to educate the people of the planet. This how increased awareness can take place and they can be better armed for the future.


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