6 Frightening Facts About Our Environment

Six frightening facts about our environment

Our Earth is perhaps the most bewitching entity in existence, and to make things more interesting, we belong to her. It is the one and the only thing that sustains us and gives us the means to realize all kinds of goals. So, you would not really imagine the Earth being someone with dark secrets?Well, hate to disappoint you, but our Earth has in her kitty way more than what you know, and that is why we took upon ourselves to uncover six such facts about her that will totally blow your mind and might compel you to take her seriously.

Six frightening facts about our environment

So, without further ado, here are six frightening facts about our environment:

  1. Human population

As I noted earlier, we are a part of the Earth, but did I fail to mention the quantity of all of us, and how our increasing population is damaging ecological balance so dear to nature?

Statistics have shown clearly that human population has increased as much in the preceding 50 years as in the long-gone four million years.

Imagine the weight we have put on our environment, and how much it is struggling to ensure natural sustainability for all.

  1. Unprecedented exploitation of natural resources

We, humans, pin our hopes on industrialization, which in turn, pins its hope on natural resources for survival. Natural resources drive human industry, and naturally, greed has caused most of them to exhaust.

Hate to say it, but we use about 50 percent of natural resources—more than what the Earth can provide us. Keeping in mind the present population, we will be needing 1.5 Piles of the earth to meet demands of each one of us.

  1. The garbage island

Waste disposal is something we humans are particularly bad at, and a stark example of this is a fact that there exists a garbage island located in the Pacific Ocean.

Yes, you read and understood it right—the island is composed of only accumulated garbage from the ocean.

An interesting fact for everyone: the size of the island tantamount to the size of Europe, Mexico and India combined.

  1. The destruction of our lifeline—Rainforests

Rainforests are not just about their density and natural beauty—they are indispensable to living beings. However, materialistic greed has driven industrialist humans crazy as they continue chopping the forests and replacing the land with concrete jungles.

If you cannot understand the magnitude of deforestation, read this: Every second, about one and a half acres of rainforest is destroyed. Do your math and calculate how much that will amount to in a year!

  1. Where is the drinking water gone?

The Earth is blessed with a voluminous amount of water, but, you must know already, only a meager percentage of it is fit for human consumption. So, yes, we do not have enough drinking water to feed the juggernaut population of ours.

As per USAID, about one-third of people will face chronic or severe water deficiency by 2025. In case your math suggests that you would alive by then, so, I say, you should start conservation from NOW!

  1. Cardiac Apocalypse

If you cannot get the essence from the title, let’s make it simple and succinct: we are talking about an increase in the number of heart-related deaths.

Reports reveal that by this century’s end, about 1,50,000 would have died of heart diseases—all thanks to global warming.


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