The Potential Disadvantages of Nanotechnology

The Potential Disadvantages of Nanotechnology

Nano technology is a term which is used to refer to the science, engineering and technology that is conducted at a Nano scale.  Nano scale is the scale of things between 1 to 100 nanometers.  It is true that Nano technology has helped us achieve many great things for the world but at the same time, there are certain disadvantages of this technology as well.

This only proves the fact that nothing is completely perfect and each thing has its positives and negatives. The following given are the top potential disadvantages of Nano technology.

The Potential Disadvantages of Nanotechnology

  • One of the major disadvantages of nanotechnology at present is that it is very expensive and developing it can cost a lot of money. Moreover it is also difficult to set up and manufacture the technology. Even the labor costs are high and this is why the resultant items or products are quite expensive.
  • Nanotechnology has put a lot of people out of jobs in the past few decades. This is yet another major disadvantage associated with this technology. There has been a loss in jobs in the manufacturing and traditional farming industry and this loss is only expected to increase in the coming time.
  • Development of nanotechnology can bring about a certain kind of a crash in the markets which is due to the lowering of value of diamonds and oil due to the development of alternate source of energy. Since these sources of energy are more efficient and won’t require fossil fuels, it can put many markets to their brink.  This also means that since people are now capable of developing products at a molecular level, diamonds may lose their value because they can now be mass produced.
  • Due to the development of Nano technology, atomic weapons can now be made more accessible and can also be made more destructive and powerful. This is yet another major disadvantage of nanotechnology.
  • Another issue with nanotechnology is that since the particles of nanotechnology are very minute, problems can crop up from the inhalation of these particles.
  • Working with nanotechnology can prove to be very risky too. The investment needed to start up a project involving this science can be huge without any guarantee of success and this can lead to huge losses. At the same time, the technology poses risks to health as well.
  • It is true that nanotechnology has raised our standard of living but it has also led to an increase in the levels of pollution. The pollution caused due to nanotechnology is known as Nano pollution and this can be very dangerous for living organisms.
  • Another major disadvantage of nanotechnology is the possible mass poisoning of material which is processed at a Nano scale. This can leave a negative impact on the health and industry and can happen if the coatings on the products produced by this technology include some of the poisonous micro particles which can penetrate into our brains.


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