Bless your Vanity with these Organic Makeup Brands!

bless your vanity with these organic makeup brands

Organic makeup brands have a lot of advantages over chemical makeup brands. They are made up of natural materials, which mean that there would be minimum amount of chemical substances on your face and body.

Another huge advantage is that most of Organic Makeup Brands are not tested on animals and hence, your beauty is not responsible for any other being’s pain. You should definitely have a look at these top organic makeup brands so that you have an alternative to switch to a more pure, natural and safe alternative for your passion for makeup.

bless your vanity with these organic makeup brands

Physician’s Formula

It is a brand which offers the users with wide range of products made from herbal ingredients and the most attractive part about this brand over other organic makeup brands is that the products have comparatively lower prices than its competitive brands. Organic makeup products are usually expensive but this is not the case with this brand. They are available at nearly all the drugstores.

Pure & True

This is a makeup brand which is totally high quality and luxurious. The best part of this brand is that it gives some share of the profit to charity activities which gives us an assurance that we are doing something good for our skin as well as our society.

Ecco Bella

Ecco Bella is one of the best organic brands because it is indeed, the most natural out of all. This is because the products are free from gluten, preservatives, water as well as artificial colors and dyes. In addition to makeup products, they also have a range of body care products which are totally organic.

Afterglow Cosmetics

Afterglow Cosmetics is a makeup brand which is famous for providing a long staying makeup. If you want makeup which lasts for the maximum time, this should be your choice. The makeup products are glamorous and light weight and free from synthetic preservatives and artificial fillers.

Bare Minerals

This is one of the oldest organic cosmetic brands which came into existence after people started becoming conscious about mineral makeup which is natural, organic and cruelty free. It has a range of products which offer sheer coverage and covers acne effectively. These products do not clog pores and hence, they are the bst for those who have oily skin.


This is again one of the oldest organic makeup brands that came into existence. Though it is a little more expensive compared to other makeup brands on the list but they are totally worth it because they are makeup of high quality natural ingredients which have amazingly lingering scents. These products are also known for their long lasting nature.

The above mentioned list of organic makeup brands are worth giving a try because they are some of the best ones chosen from a lot of other organic makeup brands. Give your skin the natural glow it deserves! So select your favorite products among these brands and have a wonderful organic vanity.


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