Steps to Prevent Glaciers from Melting

glaciers from melting

Glaciers contribute a great deal in preventing global warming. They act as giant mirrors by deflecting the sunlight from the Earth’s surface back into the atmosphere and helps in regulating the temperature of the planet. Melting of the glaciers is natural and is counterbalanced by falling of snow which turns into ice and then again restores the surface area of the glacier.

Due to the melting of glaciers many rivers and fresh lakes are formed. However, the structure of a glacier is constantly fluctuating in the present day. The unnatural rate of global warming allows the glaciers to melt at a rapid rate and decreases restoration. To bring down the rapid rate of glacial melting it is essential to reduce global warming.

glaciers from melting

The following are some techniques that prevent glaciers from melting:

Become more Informed

It is believed that due to excess use of fossil fuels the level of thermal energy in the atmosphere is affected. The massive utilization of oil and coal not only makes us run out of these finite resources but also the volume of usage is affected by the man-made atmosphere on annual basis. The more you become aware of it, the more it is possible to help others, thereby making it possible to change the climate and reduces global warming.

Understand Personal Carbon Footprint

It is necessary to understand how personal contribution can change the climatic conditions. Your decisions in the day to day life can help in the reduction of personal footprint. This is an important factor responsible for preventing glaciers to melt.

Support Infrastructural Development

It is necessary to support the development of newly advanced renewable energy infrastructures. Try to communicate with your local level or the national level elected officials. We must ensure to begin to act on making changes that will lead to reduction or elimination of subsidies on fossil fuels, thereby creating a boost to all the renewable energies.

Invest Resource

If anyone is in possession with the necessary resources, then it must be invested in solar panels. In case there stands no possibility of possessing the necessary resources, then the local utility may offer the opportunity to buy all or a portion of electricity from the renewable sources.

Black Carbon Emission

It has been proven that carbon dioxide is difficult to be disposed off from our energy cycle especially in the poorer developing nation. However, the black carbon emission is easier to curb. This is possible by reducing deforestation, burning of tropical rain forests, upgrade of diesel filters in cars and replacement of biomass burning stoves by solar power or natural gas in terms of technological advancement. All these changes are more expensive but are rather cheaper than the process of de-carbonization. It helps to reduce black carbon and lower the rate of global warming.

Although it is not possible to permanently stop the melting of glaciers, we can take proper actions to slow down its melting rate for the benefit of our planet.


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