Best Tips for an Eco-Friendly Family Holiday

best tips for an eco-friendly family holiday

Family holidays and trips are always special. Not only is it the best way to bond with the family members and spend time with them but is also the time to collect memories for the future.  While we do all that we can to enjoy on a family holiday, special efforts must be made not to pollute the environment or harm the natural surroundings in any way.

It is our responsibility as families to see to it that we can have an eco-friendly trip so as to protect the natural resources in the capacity that we can. Below given are the best tips for an ecofriendly family holiday which you can follow the next time you head out.

best tips for an eco-friendly family holiday

  • One of the first and best tips or suggestions to have an eco-friendly family trip is to leave the environment as it is and make sure when we take photos, we do not touch or harm any natural objects like plants, sand, shells and other things. When going for a beach holiday, you must not bring back shells and other coral items home and leave them where they belong.
  • Another useful tip is to carry and use re-usable items like steel water bottles, steel boxes and snack containers etc. Avoid carrying plastic bags or use and throw items to avoid disposing them off in the destination that you are visiting.  This helps to reduce the plastic trail that families leave behind especially during camping trips, fishing holidays and other trips.
  • The weight of your luggage can greatly impact the level of fuel that is burned by the means of transport you are using and also leads to increase in the carbon emissions that are released. Thus, make sure you and your family always travels light and carries only essentials. Smart packing tips can help reduce the luggage weight.
  • Booking a hotel which follows eco-friendly practices can also be a great way to have an eco-friendly family holiday. An increasing number of hotels are starting to use practices which help protect the environment such as using lighting only in the parts needed and providing guests handmade soaps and detergents rather than those laden with chemicals. You must always research this fact on the internet and only then make the bookings.
  • Another great tip to have an eco-friendly family trip is to consider hiring cycles and other eco-friendly means of transportation rather than booking the cab. Also, consider travelling by public modes of transport like the metro, the buses and the trams etc. to avoid added emissions into the environment and unnecessary burning of fuel.
  • Often when we go out on a family trip, we consider convenience over responsibility but this can harm the environment further. You must make sure that you carry washable diapers etc. for your baby to avoid littering the destination by changing diapers again and again. Cloth diapers are a great way to avoid this and can be used if your hotel offers laundry facility.


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