How To Set Up A Recycling Project At A College: 7 Guiding Tips

set up a recycling project at a college

We live in a world where many essential resources are becoming scarce at a very fast rate. This rate is particularly faster than the rate at which the resources can be replenished. Recycling in such a situation is one of the most important resorts left to us. By recycling we eliminate the possibility of wasting products that have useful potential. Essentially, through recycling we conserve/ reduce the use of many important fresh resources and also make the most of already in use resources.

Many colleges, schools and other institutions are starting their own recycling projects in hope of becoming green. Here are a few tips on how should one set up a recycling project at a college:

set up a recycling project at a college

  1. A proposal is the starting step of the recycling project. The proposal must thus be prepared with appropriate detail and must contain all the information needed. All of this information must be put up in a presentable manner in a proper format. The tip is thus to choose a format and stick to the presentation commitments.
  2. In the proposal the individual must make as compelling an argument as possible. It is important that the proposal material not divert from the topic. Any diversions may reduce the impact of the proposal. So make sure that the proposal you are writing is argumentative and to the point.
  3. Proper research must be conducted in making of a project proposal. It is important that detailed research be done and inferences be drawn of them. Because research forms the basis of the whole project, it is important that all research data is collected from the reliable sources.
  4. Making a note of the laws set by the state and the national that are in favour of the recycling campaign may also make a good impact on the whole appeal of the proposal. It is thus beneficial to include legal matter in the proposal.
  5. Before preparing a recycling project plan it would be good if you conduct a thorough analysis of the respective college’s mechanism. The smart thing to do is to design the recycling project to suit the existing mechanism of the college as much as possible.
  6. Next tip for all those looking to start a recycling project at a college is to try and display the benefits of the recycling project. This includes the social benefits, environmental benefits and economic benefits of the project etc. The greater the opulence of benefits that can be brought to fore, better are the chances of the project catching eye.
  7. Once the project has been approved and all the planning is complete, it is important to make sure that there is enough man power for implementing the project. So the hunt for volunteers, helpers and co-workers must be started as soon as possible. Also while picking up the manpower, make sure that all the individuals being selected are dedicated for the recycling cause.


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