5 Amazing Eco Friendly Flooring Options

eco friendly flooring options

There are varied types of measures the eco-conscious society today is taking. There are a lot of individuals who have started to use the three major principles of recycling, reusing and reducing. We see eco-friendly initiatives in all aspects of the society. And no matter how small or huge those efforts are the important thing is that they have started to show a growth.

Greener homes and offices are one of the aspects which have been seeing an increased inclination from a lot of individuals. Many people have started to opt for greener homes by installing eco-friendly floorings in their houses.

Eco friendly flooring is the perfect way of making ones home stylish while also being cautious of the planet’s environment. There are many options for those looking to install an eco- friendly floor in their homes or offices etc.

eco friendly flooring options1. Bamboo

This is one of the most popular and easy to install option of eco friendly flooring. Bamboo flooring comes from the grass and is very similar to hardwood in many characteristics. It is most environmentally sensible because the vegetation grows within 3- 5 years, does not require many pesticides/ fertilisers and because they produce 35 % more oxygen in the environment as compared to other trees of same size. These floorings are hugely sustainable and durable – qualities of reliability that come naturally from bamboo plant itself.

2. Cork

There are many advantages to cork flooring besides the major one of being eco- friendly. The cork floor has multiple positive points like it feels great beneath the feet, it gives warmth to the area where installed and is shock absorbent in nature.

The flooring which comes from the bark of the cork oak tree is highly durable and is water- resistant as compared to some other options. Though the flooring is durable and great for places which require noise absorption and comfort, it may not be highly suitable for areas which may see extremely high levels of commotion like busy hallways etc.

3. Linoleum

The biodegradable material and comfortable flooring option of linoleum flooring comes from a combination of linseed oil, pine resin, wood flour, cork dust, ground limestone and pigments. The flooring is found to be the go- to choice of most architects for commercial settings. Also the flooring is gaining due popularity in all other setting as wells because of its traits of being antimicrobial, non toxic and having a huge life span.

4. Recycled Glass Tiles

The recycled glass tiles flooring option is yet another very smart and sensible option. All the waste glass bottle and other glass products that are sent for recycling produce amazing and beautifully patterned tiles. These are a great way to uplift your home’s kitchen and bathrooms etc. in the midst of all the wooden flooring and giving the whole interiors a different style.

5. Reclaimed Hardwood

Reclaimed hardwood refers to the wooden planks etc. reclaimed out of the old structures like over used barns, factories and homes etc. The antique wooden flooring is preferred by many not just for its eco- friendly trait but also because it gives the whole design of the area (where it is installed) an amazing vibe and credibility.


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