5 Eco Friendly Living Room Ideas

eco friendly living room ideas

Living room is for the inmates of a home to spend some casual moments together; thus apart from merely a decorated living room you should also focus on the well being and health of the people who would stay in it. With proper usage of items and materials you can design a perfect eco friendly living room.

To get an eco-friendly interior, you need to mainly focus on how the moves will aid in the healthy living of the inmates, this is also known as sustainable designing. To achieve an eco-friendly living room, below given are some tips.

eco friendly living room ideas1. Shape out some Cardboard Shelves

The mountain of leftover cardboard boxes must be waiting to be thrown into the dumpster? Before doing so, why don’t you stop and transform them into shelves of your living room. With the help of some measuring tools, cutting mat, knife, pen/pencil and glue to make it durable so that you can décor those with your knick knacks and photo frames. Applying your creativity and imagination you can simply paint those to resemble like wood.

2. Building a Book Chair

Another eco friendly idea to décor your living room is to build a chair with books rather reading books on chair. Making a combination of some old hardbacks you can fashion a backrest or a seat over it or even prepare the entire thing with it. But make sure that they are thicker and sturdy enough. You may visit various websites for ample ideas on how it will look.

3. Utilizing Pallets to Prepare a Couch

You might be wondering that pallet couches are appropriate for outside, but decorating your living room with it will add an extra ethnicity to the ambience. Depending on the length and the height of your couch you need to stack the pallets on top and beside and also offer extra concentration to the edges and corners. You must screw the pallets and add color for painting as per your choice. Then final touch would be laying down foams or cushions to make it comfortable.

4. Transform Old Jars into Lampshades

Most of the time the left over jars become garbage in your house; instead of throwing it into the dustbin now it’s the time to think differently! You can easily transform them into lampshades by screwing up and applying little electrical ingenuity for you eco friendly living room.

5. Bamboo Flooring

As you have planned for eco friendly living room then you will surely not want to cut down trees for your living room’s flooring. On the other hand you also want to give an interesting look to the flooring; bamboo flooring would be the best option for you. Bamboos are quiet fast growing as well as replenish -able and certainly provide rustic feel to your living room.


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