8 Easy tips to be a Green Driver

tips to be a green driver

As a driver you will know the importance of safe driving not only for your own sake but also for the sake of your co-passengers and the others on the road.

Just as it is important to drive safely, it is also necessary to make sure that you save fuel while driving. While you may argue that it is not possible to save fuel while driving, the fact remains that if you follow a few basic rules, you can save fuel and help to keep the environment green and slightly free of pollution.

tips to be a green driver

How to Drive Green?

Remember the following and you can be a responsible driver who helps to keep the environment clean:

1. As you start the car accelerate evenly instead of pushing the accelerator to the ground at once. This increases the pollution and also jerks the car.

2. Be attentive while driving so that you can understand what the driver in front of you and the ones in the other lanes can do. This will help you to anticipate their move and thereby plan ahead. You will not need to brake and change lanes suddenly. Sudden braking is not only hazardous but also accounts for more fuel usage.

3. If the speed limit is 55mph, then stick to it instead of shooting up to 70mph. The latter uses at least 10% more fuel.

4. Avoid using the AC at all times. If possible leave the windows slightly open for air circulation. AC consumes a lot of gas.

5. When possible try and hit the road when it is less crowded. The stop and go drive method in high traffic zones causes more gas usage.

6. If you have work in the same area in three consecutive days, then try and get all of them done in the same day. This will help save a lot of fuel.

7. Get your car fluids (brake, engine and steering) checked every three months. Continuous car use makes the fluids dirty and that causes the car to use more fuel. By getting the fluids changed you will reduce the wear and tear thereby increasing fuel efficiency.

8. Maintain your car well by getting its oil changed at regular intervals. Every car has a routine and you need to try and follow it. If you have a company certified service station near your house, get your car checked from there.


You car is part of your family and you need to take care of it. Its health will not only help you, but also help to keep your surroundings clean.

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