How to Make an Eco-Friendly Office?

how to make an eco friendly office

As they say, we don’t have a planet B, and the sooner we realize that, the better it is. CO2, NO2, O2, you name it, and we have it in our planet’s atmosphere. Since there’s a huge increment in the number of industries and offices, in the past decade, the toxicity in the atmosphere has only increased. While the industries contribute to this act by dumping their waste in the natural resources, the offices contribute to this pollution by overusing the air conditioners thereby discharging the CFCs in the atmosphere. Not only this, the overuse of paper in offices is also an indirect contributor into this scenario.

how to make an eco friendly office

Having said that, it’s time to stop talking and start acting. Here are a few ways to make your office eco-friendly:

1. Make sure that your office is not directly exposed to the incident sun rays. Make sure the windows are tinted, so that lesser heat gets into the office premise. Hence, forcing a lesser need for the air conditioner to be turned on.

2. Go as paperless as possible. Eliminate the “Register-entry” attendance system with the hi-tech bar code scanner system.

3. Take printouts of the things which cannot be dealt with the digital world, for everything else, go digital. Make good use of products like Google Docs, One Drive, etc, for document sharing.

4. Ensure that all the electronics appliances in your office, be it the air conditioners, television, etc, carry 5 star energy rating on them. Hence, consuming lesser energy and thereby making sure that company’s finances do not drain in electricity bills.

5. Install solar panels on the terrace of your office building, and power everything within with that, if possible.

6. To make sure you get a proper intake of the natural light, make sure that the architect crafts windows in the correct directions, so as to let in the natural sun light, bright enough to make everything visible clearly.

7. Promote recycling and reusing, in your institution. Encourage the employees to use recycled paper, etc. On the other hand, discourage the use of poly-bags, as plastic is a non-decomposable substance, and remains as a pollutant throughout.

Apart from these tips, make sure that you yourself look for each and every, though small, solution towards making a greener office. Every step in this direction counts as it expands in a chain: Today you’ll do this, tomorrow the people looking forward to you.

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