Tips to have a Green Valentine’s Day 2014

Tips to have a Green Valentine’s Day 2014

People fall in love with each other, and once a year they feel the need to prove their feelings in a very commercial way. So they buy gifts, cards and flowers to show their love, and after the big day is gone, half of these go to the garbage. In the pursuit of this deep and sometimes shallow love demonstration, they destroy the environment. Still, there are other ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without damaging the world.

Tips to have a Green Valentine’s Day 2014

Love the Nature

Instead of buying flowers that last only a few days choose house plants which are more suitable. The orchids are classy and beautiful, and the rosemary topiary is always a great choice that will give a touch of style to any living room. House plants keep the air clean and they last longer.

Look for Originality

The same cards are sold over and over again, with the same love messages. A better option than buying a card from the closest shop is to make a personal one. With so many software around, the proof of love has never been easier to write in a cute way. You can simply email it instead of printing it and save a tree in the process.

Offer Something New

Women will always love jewelry, and a new trend promotes interesting jewelry pieces made from Tangua nuts. Their unique style has conquered the fashion market. For those who want to pop the question, Tiffany and co. or Brilliant Earth are the right places to go shopping.

A Touch of Life

Stuffed animals are really cute, but after a few days they become uninteresting, and even worse, dusty and unhygienic. The solution is to buy something cutter and alive, like a dog or a cat. So many shelter animals need love and affection, but also responsibility. For those who don’t have time or patience, a little fish is the solution.

Eat Healthy

It is textbook that the perfect romantic night should end with a candlelit dinner. This is why a healthy, organic dinner is an amazing choice. Local and fresh ingredients are more tasty and fancy than an ordinary meal. And for a sweet evening, make a home cooked dessert or buy some organic chocolate.

Love More

It is nice that there’s a holiday celebrating love, but the truth is love should be celebrated every day. While making so many plans in order to spend a perfect day with the loved ones, don’t forget to be kind with the others too. Love is more than a romantic affection between two sweethearts; it is a great feeling that should make everyone a better person.


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