Types of Plants You Can Grow From Seeds Indoors


As we get into the swing of 2014, you might be thinking about how to make your home a little greener and a little more environmentally friendly.

One easy and cost-effective way to do so is to begin growing indoor plants. There are simply hundreds of lovely indoors plants you can grow, all of which will provide you with nourishment, rich scents and visual delight.

Here, we take a look at some common plants you can grow from seeds inside your house.



Carrots make an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin B6 and folate. They also contain carotenoids, which are great for eye health.

Carrot seeds are cheap to purchase and can be planted in a pot or window box. Seeds germinate within a couple of weeks and the carrots are ready for harvest when they have grown to about ¾ inch above ground level.


Tomatoes have a substance called lycopene, known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Use a six-inch pot for one plant and plant the tomato seeds about ¼ inch deep. When the seedlings reach three inches in height, transplant them to potting soil. The fruit is ready when it is red and firm.


Basil is a herb containing eugenol, which can block swelling-inducing enzymes in the body. Hence it is believed to have an anti-inflammatory property.

Plant seeds in a four-inch wide container and place in a warm room that has access to lots of sunlight. Soil should be fertilised once a month and only a few leaves should be removed from the plant at a time.

Marijuana Plant

Many people choose to grow marijuana at home, as it is believed to have several health benefits. These include its pain-reducing properties, which make it a preferred choice for those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. It is also used as an alternative treatment for people suffering from schizophrenia and epilepsy.

To grow marijuana, you will need a well-ventilated cultivation room and a professional seed supplier. You will also need to ensure that the room you choose can be made completely dark in order for the plant to grow.


Cilantro has a high concentration of carotenoids that are a source of Vitamin A. Purchase coriander seeds and use an eight-inch deep container with drainage holes. After planting, cover the container with plastic wrap and leave until the seedlings have germinated.

This process usually takes a few days. Keep watering the seedlings and ensure that they receive lots of sunlight. As with Basil, remember to only take a few leaves at a time.

These are but a few of the lovely plants you can grow inside, providing you and your family with a visual treat and superb, healthy nourishment. You don’t need a lot to get started – just the seeds, containers and a trowel! So why not get planting today? In no time at all your home will be filled with plants, making it a greener and more environmentally friendly place to be.


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