Go Green with Your Home office

Go Green with Your Home office

Office gadgets are often the main culprits of e-pollution. Home offices are not too far in this aspect. While most of us are making efforts to turn our homes green, we tend to neglect the office part of it. Here are 7 ways to go green with your home office.

Go Green with Your Home office

1. Power Terminal

Get a single power terminal that connects to all the ancillary gadgets that run with your computer. This way the moment you are not using the computer, they can be turned off too. Keeping the computer and its accessories on through the night consumes more than 30% of the total power consumption when in use.

2. Laptops vs. Desktops

In addition to being convenient, laptops are said to consume less than 1/8th the power of a regular desktop. With laptops getting affordable it is advisable to switch to a laptop as soon as possible.

3. Switch to Flatscreens

LCD and LED monitors use about half the energy compared to a traditional CRT monitor. They produce less glare and eye strain and do not flicker too.

4. Reuse and Recycle

Use one-sided sheets to print lists and recipes; buy rechargeable cells and refillable cartridges for your printer. These steps will not only reduce costs but also reduce the load on our planet. Keep a tab on what goes into the trash bin.

5. Recycle e-Waste

Make provisions for discarding your e-waste into a separate bin and deposit them at centers that collect such material for recycling. Used batteries, cartridges, PDAs and obsolete cell phones come into this category.

6. Use Recycled Stationery

To begin with, try minimizing the use of paper and if you have to use FFC-certified paper. Get recycled pens, pencils and folders. Minimize the accumulation of plastic in your office. Choose biodegradable stationery wherever possible.

7. Switch to CFLs

Traditional incandescent bulbs use 75% more energy than the CFLs. The CFLs and LEDs also last longer – up to 2 years and 10 years respectively. And though their initial costs may seem high, the cost is more than recovered by way of drastic drop in electricity bills. The bottom line is you are saving the planet.

All you have to do is stop and think if you are doing all of this in your home office. Take stock and act to save the only living planet we have.


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