What Exactly Are Solar Training Courses?


We can see a lot of houses that come with solar panels, but there are only a few people who think about the fact that there is need for professionals installing them. In case this is a field that you are interested in, you should know that there are numerous different Solar Training Courses you could take in the online world.

Solar electric design and installation

During this course you have the possibility to learn about the fundamental concepts regarding the design and the installation of the PV (or photovoltaic) systems that are safe. In this case the main focus is on the grid-direct residential-sized systems. The main point of the concept is to gain knowledge regarding the core concepts of the matter such as site analysis, system components, mounting solutions, PV module criteria, commissioning and safety. The course lasts for 6 weeks and the fee is $795.

Solar Training CoursesRenewable energy for the developing world

This course has the main purpose of presenting applications of renewable energy in case of the developing world. Those taking the course will gain knowledge regarding the successful accomplishment of development projects including renewable energy.

You can learn about energy transfer, infrastructure setup and the financing and economics of projects of this kind. There are some case studies that you are going to be presented with including solar cooking, appropriate building technologies, electrification and rural health.

Advanced PV system design

This course has been created for professionals to learn about NEC (National Electrical Code) and its application in case of commercial and residential solar electric systems to make sure that they are code compliant and safe. Actually we can say that this is more of a workshop that starts with the bases or PV 101 and then moves on to grid direct systems. Regarding NEC you will learn about calculations and ground considerations.

Solar electric design

In this case you are going to learn about battery-based systems and applying NEC to them. The basis of the course is PV 101 but in this case the focus is on the design of the battery based systems. Those participating will see a step-by-step process of designing in case of these applications that include stand-alone, hybrid and grid-tied along with battery-backup systems. Also you will be learning about component selection and load analysis.

Solar business and technical sales

Although in case of this course there is some focus on the technical parts, you will also be learning about business principals, economics and non-technical financial topics. The target group of this course consists of professionals that would like to work in sales in this industry.

Introduction to renewable energy

This course is for those people who would like to have a basic knowledge of the matter, including where you can find such energy, how to harvest it and easing the pressures of the environment. Don’t think that you will become a professional after this course, but you will know a lot more about the topic of renewable energy.


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