Live A Greener, Organic Life


Lately we hear the “green” word on every step of our way since everybody seems to have enrolled in a quest for living a greener life. The “green” has become a trend loved as much as any other trend in fashion or style, and this can only mean good news for our planet.

organic lifeIn order to make your life and house a greener place there are three major “R”s that can help you make a difference.

Reduce, Recycle & Reuse

It may sound more of a slogan than a reality but if you take a closer look to your lifestyle you will see that there are many products you could keep or reuse for something else.

Have you ever thought that the used coffee grounds, the banana peel and the pea pots can be gold for your garden? Ironically the food you throw away can become useful garden compost through a small device that will allow them to macerate peacefully.

Recycling is the way to show that you care for the environment you live in. If you want to get rid of an object from your house think twice before you throw it in the garbage. If it can be recycled take the time to do the right thing and you will save a piece of landfill.

Do you buy coffee on your way to work? Consider the paper glass and its trace in the world. It would be simpler to wake up early and drink coffee at home, or simply make it at home and take it to work in a reusable thermo-resistant cup.

Consider the amount of water you use. The water is not unlimited and you can make a difference for the future. Make sure your house does not have leaks and do not let the water running when there is no need for it. Reuse the dirty water from the fish tank to water your flowers and place rain water barrels in your garden. Each drop counts and you can make a difference.

When you buy food, get informed. The 2008 summer for example was a food deficit time for the poor countries. Social crisis from Haiti and Bangladesh were triggered by the high food price. So if you can, buy local food that will not influence the cost of food transport.

Buy organic products, insulate your house, and use natural ventilation. All of these are simple steps contributing to the way you make a difference to the world.


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