Is Sustainable Roofing The Way To Make Your Roof Green?


Green roofing is already a matter of modern green thinking. Therefore, there are several issues you need to consider, when purchasing a green roof for your house.

These are the weight, the maintenance, the irrigation and plant choices. The typical weight of an extensive roof is 18 to 22 pounds per square foot. The extensive green roofs are praised as the best by many, who already tried them.

green roofing 1

An extensive roof consists of six inches or less of growing medium depth, which is a far lower weight compared to an intensive green roof.

Therefore, the extensive roofs are considered as the greener option, when it comes to sustainable roofing.

Another advantage of widespread roofing is lower plant diversity, which is a guarantee for environment-friendly roof design. One thing to consider if you live somewhere dry like Texas; there are only a handful of Dallas roofers that offer organic composition shingles that are biodegradable to mother nature. Regardless of where you live, it is important to be as green as possible.

green roofing 2

On the other hand, the extensive roofs are more preferable because of their lower cost and maintenance.

As for the intensive roofing, it is said that it is more solid, but alas not greener, for it is featuring higher plant diversity, higher weight and maintenance.

In case you want to be sure your choice is definitely green, seek the special certificate. It is called the Green Roof Professional and it is certificating the green roofs in the country.

Moreover, the Green Roof Professional is also about the design, waterproofing, drainage, plants and the installation.


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