How To Eat A More Climate Friendly Food?


Most people talk about global warming and the effect it is having on the planet but not many do their little bit to contribute towards a better climate. Small things like minor changes in the food habits can help towards reducing carbon emission, the main cause of global warming.

red meatYou can easily help reduce carbon emission by choosing the right climate friendly food. Food, higher on the food chain typically requires more energy to produce causing more carbon emissions. Consumption of red meat and processed food leads to increased carbon in the atmosphere.

A simple example would be that of the beef. Cows need plenty of grains and also produce a lot of methane. To feed the cows, one needs to use plenty of chemicals and energy to fertilize the field.

All these factors add to carbon emissions and pollute the environment. Limited consumption of red meat can help contribute towards a better climate.

Another simple step that can help reduce pollution is to consume more fruits and vegetables and stick to fresh products rather than processed or canned food. These small changes can go a long way to help reduce global warming.

fruits and vegetables

If a person is keen to help the cause of global warming there is a lot that can be done on the plant growth. Gardeners can do their bit by using environment friendly techniques in their gardens.

They can start by using garden products that have a low carbon emission. Choose electrically driven tools over gasoline driven tools to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and also the carbon emissions. Opt for natural pest control methods over chemical pesticides.

During the winters, do not leave the soil naked. Grow grass, legumes or cereal grains to help prevent erosion and also make the soil naturally rich as these crops convert nitrogen from the atmosphere into natural soil nutrients.

grow legumes

Make shrubs and trees a part of the garden, as they contribute extensively towards a better environment. Strategically placed trees can give plenty of shade in the summer and help reduce air-conditioning emissions too.

Composting is another way to help reduce methane emission and at the same time it provides the garden with natural manure.

With every person contributing their bit towards a better environment it won’t be long before positive changes are seen in the earth’s climate.


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