A Green Robot To Help The Weight Loss Of The Green Dieters


There is certainly a green way to lose some weight and that is not going to be through magical pills or hunger. It will be through a new innovative robot called Autom. This might sound a bit unbelievable, but take a closer look at this robot.

It is something between a pet and a device that makes you slim. It is an invention of Cory Kidd and will surely help many people to find out what is their right diet regime.

The robot has many options, but its basic option is to be your personal diet helper at home. All you need to do is to press a button and your answer will be given.

The robot will tell you all about diet, perfect weight, exercise regime and goals you need to achieve.

The Autom is made of a special system, which combines your personal data and the right diet you need. The robot will also inform you about your perfect weight and it will help you achieve your goal. It is made to encourage anyone, who is facing difficulties during diet.

According to its producers, this is the healthier way to lose weight – you will be encouraged and informed. The robot will hit U.S. market soon and its price will be $500.


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