The Climate Change is a Pattern and NOT a Human Consequence


Here is the visual graphic & data behind the latest battle over climate change.

As far from the truth as it may seem, the climate changes including the melting of the icecaps from the Earth’s poles can actually be caused by a certain pattern that is actually ruling the history of the planet.

(Click on the Image for Full View.)

climate change models

A compared study conducted by UK Met Hadley Center on the arctic ice has concluded that the increase and decrease in the arctic surface is the result of a pattern in the Earth’s climate history which from time to time is aligning to bring significant modifications in the climate bringing changes for everything connected with it.

After analyzing the theory that the human kind is ultimately responsible, through the environmental damage it causes, for the way the climate reacts this past century and comparing it to this study that proves how a periodicity in the life of the planet can actually influence its future climate, we can only rethink our opinion about the climate changes.

Source: Guardian


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