Top 5 Organic Products For Children


baby clothesYou are a new parent and desperately want to maintain your ‘green-ness’ even though you now have another body to dress, another body to entertain.

Or maybe you aren’t necessarily a new parent but you are recently realizing the importance of going green and are jumping on the bandwagon. Better late than never!

Here we have the top 5 organic products for children on the current market.

  1. The Egg Baby Company makes organic products for children. Designs for cabled sweaters, hoodies, onesies, tunics and dresses are by Susan Lazar. All clothes are made with 100% organic cotton. Egg Baby designs are for babies of all ages.
  2. Mimimyne makes organic children’s clothes, toys, and furniture. Designed by owner Tabatha Potts the clothes are environmentally conscious and cute.
  3. Dapple Baby Company makes child’s toy cleaner that is organic and harmful chemical free.
  4. Little Chickie Wear designs are for children 3 months to 6T. The clothing in the Little Chickie Wear line is 100% organic and dye-free. There are more than 30 designs of onesies and t-shirts.
  5. House of Mongrel specializes in 100% organic ‘rough and tumble’ clothing for babies and young children. The clothing also promotes peace through the hoodies, onesies, bodysuits, pants and t-shirts.


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