Top 10 Natural, Eco-Friendly and Anti-Pollutant Houseplants


— Get rid of indoor pollution in a natural way

You must have spent practically thousands of dollars to buy the latest vacuum cleaner and the latest floor cleaners that help you keep your house clean.

However, there comes a time when these machines fail to work leaving you to the unhealthy dust particles and other pollutants in your house. Rather than artificial machines, you must opt for natural pollution fighters that come in the form of plants.

These plants are quiet unlike the noisy machines when you switch them off. Moreover, you do not have to throw hundreds of dollars to repair them. Re-growing the plants is very much simple.

Hence, to get rid of pollution in your house in a natural way, you must go through the top 10 houseplants that you can buy.

1.The Feston Rose plant

Lantana camara

( photo by missouristate )

While looking for a houseplant, you generally prefer the one’s that need the lowest maintenance. One such houseplant is Lantana camara or the feston rose plant. The most fantastic feature of this plant is that it bears innumerable flowers of variegated colors.

This houseplant brilliantly tolerates highly saline conditions, lack of water, scorching heat and billowing winds. The leaves of this houseplant bear a very strong and pleasant aroma. This houseplant not only purifies the air in your house but also leaves a beautiful aroma.

2. The Devil’s ivy

devils ivy

( photo by jayjayc )

Also known as the Golden Pothos and scientifically termed as Epipiremnum Aureum, the Devil’s ivy is a beautiful vine plant with leaves that are marbled and golden in color as per the name.

Even if this plant is not taken care off, it thrives on and continues growing. This plant acts as an excellent natural anti-pollutant against common pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. If kept on a top shelf, this plant climbs down as it matures. However, you should take care that this plant is not ingested in any way even by your own pet dog.



( photo by mendelu )

This houseplant proudly bears the loveliest white and pink hued flowers. It has very few fleshy leaves at its base. This houseplant possesses a rhizome that looks like a stem.

Since this houseplant cannot tolerant direct sunlight, you can place this beautiful houseplant in the artificial light in your house.

With its beautiful flowers, this plant will surely enhance the beauty of your home and also purify the air inside your house. The houseplant itself is very small but the flowers are relatively big and marvelous.

4. The English Ivy


( photo by eco-friendly-promos )

An ideal houseplant for people who have pets. Scientifically termed as Hedera Helix, this plant is known to filter indoor pollutants like fecal particles, formaldehyde aerosols and much more and keep your house toxin free.

However, English ivy occupies a lot of place and hence care should be taken while you cultivate this plant. There are several different species of the English ivy that have different leaf shape, size and color.

Growing beautifully in the bright sun but not under direct sun light, English ivy grows preferably in soil that is well drained. Care should be taken while placing English ivy indoors because it is poisonous.

5. The Parlor ivy

Parlor ivy

( photo by mgonline )

Also known as the heartleaf Philodendron, the parlor ivy proves to be a beautiful house plant that is equally useful in cleaning up the air in your house. As the name suggests, this plant has small deep green colored heart shape leaves that simply mesmerize you and the onlookers and guests too.

Scientifically termed as Philodendron Scandens, this beautiful climbing plant is easier to grow and much easier to maintain. It successfully filters out unwanted and harmful chemicals in your household making the air fresh and healthy to breathe in.

6. The African Violets

african voiletsOne of the most beautiful houseplants, African Violets make your house appear prettier and also fresher. Scientifically termed as the Saintpaulia species, this houseplant has really pretty violet flowers that simply awe you.

The African violets are available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. To propagate these plants, all you need is leaf cuttings. These plants grow beautifully in moderate light and temperature. However, you should take care that these beautiful plants are not infested with those pathetic mealybugs.

7. The Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

( photo by bombippy )

Unlike its name, this plant is neither a Christmas tree nor a cactus. Moreover, this plant blooms beautiful during Christmas time and hence can prove to be a great Christmas gift.

The blooms are beautiful violet, pink, red, oranges, fuschia colored glossy flowers. The leaves of the Christmas cactus are pointed and lobed. The simple Y-shape cuttings of this plant can give you yet another beautiful Christmas cactus. This plant needs adequate amount of light and water.

8. The Yellow Goddess

the yellow goddessSo very much like its name, this plant seems to be blessed by the Goddess of the color yellow because of the lovely yellow flowers that this plant proudly possesses.

With a beautiful green color at the base, these trumpet shaped flowers simply take your breath away. This plant has several different hybrids bearing large flowers or miniature flowers.

You can see the beautiful bulb growth just after 6-7 weeks of potting this beautiful plant. This plant needs bright light but not directly from the sun. What makes this houseplant an excellent choice is its small size and comparatively big showy beautiful yellow flowers.

9.The Garlic vine

Mansoa alliacea

If you are truly a lover of garlic and onion, then this houseplant is just for you. This houseplant, as the name suggests, its leaves and flowers smell like garlic and little bit of onion when they are crushed thoroughly. This houseplant is scientifically termed as Mansoa alliacea.

Everyone very well knows the use of garlic as a placebo for innumerable health conditions. Even this plant can be used for the same. You can use the leaves, roots, flowers, etc., to treat cold, fever, sore throat and other breathing problems.

Many people suggest that this houseplant pushes out all the bad luck from your house. It bears beautiful lavender hued bell shaped flowers. Garlic vine serves a two in one purpose of air purification and treatments.

10. The Peace Lily

the peace lily

( photo by movingtoanapartment )

With a certainly befitting name, the Peace Lily bears beautiful white flowers, the color of truce and peace, calm and serenity. Scientifically termed as Spathiphyllum, this beautiful houseplant has flowers that surround the spadix and are oval in shape.

These flowers come right out of the plant’s base increasing the beauty of the houseplant. The flowers have a soft leathery feel when touched. This beautiful flower bearing houseplant is very much easier to grow.

The blooms grow fantastically under moderate to low light intensity. This houseplant needs significantly moist soil to grow on. If you are an ardent nail polish user, then you must be aware of the effects caused by that smell.

The nail polishes, paints, other solvents and adhesives contain harmful pollutants like benzene, toluene and xylene. These pollutants are successfully filtered out in the ambience of your house by the beautiful Peace lily houseplant. To prevent sun burn, you must place the peace lilies away from the direct sunlight.

Buying any of the above top 10 houseplants would ensure that the ambience of your house remains pure and fresh.


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