Finding Green Efficient Home Appliances

Finding Green Efficient Home Appliances

In our daily life, we use numerous appliances. These may include washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, air conditioners, water heaters,dryers, and many other electrical appliances which are used at our home for the purpose of making our lives comfortable. The Electrical appliances you use at home, account for more than 30 percent of the monthly energy bill charges. Given this fact, we are aware that it is impossible to go back to the ‘stone age’and live a life without appliances.

Therefore, most electrical appliance manufacturers, as well as the government, are now concentrating on saving energy. This can only be done when we produce and invest,ingreen energy efficient appliances. It will not only save energy and your money but also help save the environment we live in.

Finding Green Efficient Home Appliances

How do green efficient home appliances work?

Energy efficient appliances are manufactured in a way that they utilize minimum energy to do the required job. Some may even make use of renewable resources of energy such as water and solar energy. These appliances maximize these small amounts of energy into the required amount to complete their job.Most of these operate under lower energy settings and temperature which is responsible for sustaining their functionality until the task is completed.

How to buy green efficient home appliances

Before you buy your next appliance for your home, keep these in mind:

Energy Guide Label

Just as eatable products come with its nutrition information mentioned on the label, in the same way, appliances also come with a label which enables you to compare all similar appliances to know how they really work. Once you are used to reading these labels, picking the right greener appliance will not be a big task.

Energy Star Label

All appliances having the energy star labels are much more energy efficient than other standard appliances, which means it not only saves energy by up to 30 percent but also helps save your money. The appliances that have this label don’t merely meet the minimum energy efficiency requirements set by the government, but rather they exceed them. EnergyStar gives out awards for high performance and standards tospecific brands.

Using ‘Size Appropriate’ Appliances

When buying your new appliance, make sure you pick up the appropriate size of the product. Having a two-ton AC for a small bedroom is merely a waste of not only energy but also your hard earned money. In the same way, buying a huge refrigerator for a two or three-member family is senseless. A little knowledge and common sense while picking up your new appliance will go a long way in helping you to save the environment.

In conclusion, most of us are or act ignorant to how much energy their iron or refrigerator consumes or the impact their water wastage habits may have on our environment. When you take the right measures and decisions while buying your home appliance, you do your little bit toward saving of our planet!


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