How Is Bitcoins Using Enough Energy When the World Needs the Most?

How Is Bitcoins Using Enough Energy When the World Needs the Most?

Can the world likely to afford Bitcoin? As per latest reports, the cryptocurrency is experiencing investment as resurgence and the central banks have measured its benefits and have birthed its value to balloon.

Bitcoin’s unimaginable price run to overpower $7,000 in the present year, has escalated its electricity consumption, as people from all across the world bring more energy-starved computers online for digital currency mining.

How Is Bitcoins Using Enough Energy When the World Needs the Most?

Bitcoin energy use

According to the reports of recent research hosted by an energy comparison tariff service-Power Compare based in the US, the approximate energy used to excavate or mine bitcoin in a year has crossed the annual usage of the energy of some major 159 countries all across the globe. To be specific, the average energy spent globally on mining bitcoin has exceeded the most African nations and Ireland’s electricity consumption.

The latest research took up the Digiconomist provided data,whose present electricity estimation used for bitcoin mining is something close to 30.14TWh per year. That’s far above Ireland’s electricity consumption of 24TWh per year. Also, the recently released paper from the Dutch Bank ING, says that a bitcoin transaction takes up ample energy to electrify an average household for the whole month.

Mass adoption and Cryptocurrency mining

Ever wondered what helps cryptocurrency mining energy black hole? To begin with, it is basically the computational needs required to process the problems of the cryptography miners are needed to solve so as to be gifted with a cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and another cryptocurrency available depends on the miners to deal the transactions completed in their bookchains.

To check these transactions, miners are needed to solve maths, which becomes difficult. And, more complex the problems of cryptocurrency, the more computational power required to solve them.

As for Bitcoins, the most famous cryptocurrency, the miner’s multitude now makes its compulsory to take up either application-related integrated circuits(ASIC’s) or gaming graphics, both of which exhausts a significant energy.

The elephant-sized amount of energy required for cryptocurrency mining makes it’s a hazard, environmentally, as because a large amount of the electricity used by the world comes from the fossil fuels, which in turn is produced by the greenhouse gas. This indicates that mining of cryptocurrency is a contributor of global climate alteration. Also, the exorbitant requirements of energy for cryptocurrencies are also proving to be a great block for mass adoption.

In order to save energy, some have turned to taking up malware to siphon off the power from computers from another person’s computer. Whereas, few others have opined for ‘farming’ for the purpose of crypto coins as an alternative, taking up a more environment-friendly verification model that checks at proofs of storage and time in place of energy-starved work scheme proof used in Bitcoin.

Ethereum, on the other side, is deciding to opt for a stake model proof by 2018. But for the meantime, a lab dealing with creating solutions at Samsung has provided an alternate solution that transforms old smartphones into a crypto coin mining rig.

The sooner, we search for alternatives to make mining of cryptocurrency use- greener, the better it would be for bookchain and for us, a technology that could powerfully turn every industry across the globe.


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