Why Large Companies Need Recycling Programs


Is your company doing all it can to reduce your impact on the environment? If you’ve been considering investing in a recycling program, but have been concerned about the startup cost, you need to understand the benefits you are overlooking. Here are some of the reasons that investing in recycling programs make sense for large companies today.


Save Money by Recycling

Reducing the amount of waste your company creates will help lower some of your costs. When your company is known for its recycling initiatives, you will find that your team members are more apt to reuse items they normally would have tossed. This, over time, will help you save. Your waste removal costs may also go down as a result.

Create a Positive Image

When your customers or clients can see that you are working hard to recycle, turning your trash into something like plastic sheet that can then be used for everything from new cars to new cafeteria trays, it elevates your company in their minds. People want to work with companies that are “green,” and a recycling program is one of the first steps to embracing “green” as part of your company’s image.

Improve Employee Happiness

Just like your clients, your employees are aware of their impact on the environment. When they are working for a “green” company, they will feel happier and more satisfied. Happier, satisfied employees are more productive, and this can help increase your company’s earnings.

Boost the Economy Through Job Production

Increased recycling efforts actually increase the number of jobs in circulation, and the more people who are working, the more your customer base grows. The number of jobs created with a recycling initiative easily outweighs the number of jobs lost through the harvesting and use of the materials to create new items. In fact, experts estimate that increasing the national recycling rate by 75 percent could add 1.5 million new jobs to the market by 2030. Large companies can lead the way towards this change by starting the change in their own locations.

Enjoy the Environmental Benefit

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, large companies need to recycle because it is good for the environment. We only get one world, and we need to protect it for future generations. Add this factor to the economic and cultural impacts of recycling programs, and the choice is clear. Large companies need to embrace recycling to improve their environment and own financial situations as a whole.



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