How to Go Green with Renewable Resources

How to Go Green with Renewable Resources

While travelling to different places you must have noticed several windmills and turbines, ever wondered what are they for? Renewable resources make our life easier and healthier. These resources are not limited in number and can be used over and again for several times. Most of them are not harmful to nature as well. So let’s have a look at all the renewable resources, their uses and how they can help in making the environment green and healthy.

How to Go Green with Renewable Resources

1. Less global warming:

With advancement in technology and human activity, the atmosphere is getting loaded with carbon dioxide and other global warming gases. These gases act as a protective Shield and do not allow the heat to escape the surface of the earth. Fuels like coal and natural gases produce the most harmful emissions in the atmosphere. Whereas renewable resources produce very little or no amount of global warming gases. However renewable electricity produced from Biomass can have a huge effect on the atmosphere depending on the source. If renewable resources are used properly there will be a reduction in the amount of global warming.

2. Improvement in Public Health: 

These days the number of vehicles is increasing and with it, there is an increase in the level of harmful gases in the atmosphere. The increment in the level of such gases in the atmosphere is directly linked with various diseases. Cars and other vehicles run on fuels like petrol and diesel. These fuels are known for emitting harmful gases. When the number of these vehicles is reduced, the level of pollution will also go down. However, vehicles are very necessary for transportation. One can adopt various other options such as the one’s that do not run on petrol or diesel. There are many eco friendly vehicles available in the market these days and some of them also run on electricity.

3. Prices of renewable resources: 

You might have noticed that non-renewable resources are very costly. Whereas when they are compared with renewable resources you will notice that renewable resources are quite cheaper. If electricity is produced using renewable resources, the prices will be quite affordable and will also be sustainable for coming generations. Though working with renewable resources may require a onetime huge investment, but working with them for a long period of time will require very little maintenance charge.

4. Reliable source of energy: 

Renewable resources like solar and wind energy have fewer chances of failure as compared to other non-renewable energy resources. They work on a large geographical area and thus a technological error in one area in the network will not affect the whole system.

So these are some of the reasons why we should switch from non-renewable energy resources to renewable resources. They are inexpensive and are eco-friendly as well. Using them on a large scale will not have any severe effect on the environment. While looking for renewable resources you will get various options as well. So why use non-renewable resources when you can have the same result using the renewable resources?


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