5 Most Wasteful Things We Use & How to Avoid Using Them

5 Most Wasteful Things We Use & How to Avoid Using Them

Though there are various ways in which plastics get recycled these days but not all plastics get recycled. Recycling plastic waste requires a huge amount of power as well as many modern machines. We can understand that the process is quite lengthy and requires time. However, there are certain ways by which we can reduce their use and keep the environment clean.

Saving the environment we live in more than just essential as with pollution increasing in the environment, our health also gets affected.  So why pollute the environment? Below is a list of activities that one must follow to reduce environmental pollution. Keep reading to know more about each of them.

5 Most Wasteful Things We Use & How to Avoid Using Them

1. Bring a shopping bag of your own

Shopping bags are available at every shop you go to and is provided free of cost by the shopkeeper. However, according to a survey conducted very recently, around more than one trillion plastic bags are used every year. Bringing your own shopping bag along with yourself is a nice idea and this way you will also be saving the environment from some pollution. This rule is already implemented in many cities and must be implemented in all the other cities soon.

2. Avoid purchasing bottled drinking water

Drinking water is necessary while travelling, however, it is advisable to not to purchase bottled drinking water. Instead of purchasing one must carry a water bottle with themselves from home. By doing this, plastic waste can be reduced.

3. Go for cardboard and not plastic

Recycling cardboard is much easier than plastic and thus we should avoid using plastic. When you have a choice of choosing between a box pasta and packet of pasta, go for the boxed once. You can do this for several other household ingredients as well. Also, companies must also start producing their products in boxes rather than plastic bottles and packets.

4. Switch disposable diapers with cloth

Yes, there’s no doubt that disposable diapers are easy to use and throw but they are not eco-friendly at all. Cloth can also do what a disposable diaper can. So why use a disposable diaper when you have a better and an eco-friendly option?

5. Rethink the storage options in your kitchen

Storing items in the packets that they came in is no doubt easy but once the food item is finished, you will have to discard the packet as well. Make sure that you use plastic or tin containers for storing all your kitchen food items. This way you will save the environment

Well, these were some of the activities that you can and should do to decrease pollution in the environment. All these are very easy. With the help of all the above-mentioned tasks, we can surely save our environment more than before and thus lead a healthy life. Start taking baby steps towards making our environment clean and a better place to live in. If we all take initiative on our own, soon we will notice a huge positive impact on the environment.


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