8 Best Ways to Go Green in 2018


Going green is the new trend in 2018. While going green will help in maintaining the ecological balance, it will also ensure a safe future ahead. Now, completely going green could be challenging. Sometimes, setting up an eco-friendly atmosphere might cost you quite a good amount of money. But you could always find alternative ways to build up a cost-effective and yet an eco-friendly atmosphere. Here, this article will guide you about the 8 best ways to go green in 2018.

Planting trees 

This is one of the oldest and one of the best idea to go green. If you observe the practical world, you would notice that the number of trees is reducing due to human activities. But you, as a responsible individual, shouldn’t allow such happenings. So, you can plant trees in your garden, bring pots and place them on your rooftop, or do whatever it takes to increase the number of trees.

8 Best Ways to Go Green in 2018

Use solar energy 

Well, solar energy is one of the most efficient forms when it comes to eco-friendly energies. Though using solar energy is not a new concept, people are yet to implement greater use of solar energy. Some of the common solar-powered devices in the present day include solar cookers, batteries, heaters, power generators, etc. But the contribution of solar energy is much lesser when it comes to other harmful power sources. So, using solar energy wherever possible could take you one step ahead to go green completely.

Reduce the use of vehicles 

Petrol and diesel are harmful substances. While they are the primary source of vehicle fuel, their combustion leaves a solid residue which harms the environment. So, refusing such vehicles and using cycle/ walking whenever possible could help you contribute to building a safer environment.

Use renewable source of energies 

Coal is the major supplier of electricity. While solar power is also used to produce electricity, it is much less in use. Likewise, you can also use other renewable energy resources such as water energy, wind energy, etc. They are safe and harmless for the environment.

Bring entire greenery to your home 

You can also change the interior design of your home. Bring in indoor plants and keep it inside your house. It will freshen up the indoor atmosphere. You could also try a few orchids to decorate your home. In fact, from your living room to your dining room, you can easily contribute to a greener atmosphere.

Maintain cleanliness 

Certain harmful substances such as plastic, polyethylene, etc. are too harmful to the environment. Hence, they must be disposed of carefully. Use dustbins and keep your environment clean. Besides going green, maintaining cleanliness everywhere is also a good practice.


Recycling is one of the most recommended practices to maintain a green atmosphere. Instead of throwing waste materials, you could contribute in recycling them. It will not only be good for the environment but will also reduce costs incurred in purchasing the same substance twice.

Organic foods 

When people talk about going green, certain foods couldn’t be kept out of the list. Hence, eating organic foods (fruits, vegetables, etc.) are extremely useful for contributing to a healthy atmosphere.


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