4 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Ideas

4 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom consumes a tiny place in your house but it is important to follow a clean and hygienic life. It is the place where most amount of waste in the form of paper towel, usage of water, electricity, and chemical substance are present. Therefore, one needs to switch to eco-friendly bathroom for maintain cleanliness and reducing the production of waste. Below are four ways for having eco-friendly bathroom.

4 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Ideas

  • Save Water:

An overindulgence of water usage is prevalent in the bathroom with the use of faucets, toilet, or shower. So the first step towards having an eco-friendly bathroom is to lower the water consumption. Start this with the toilet which consumes nearly 7 gallons of water everytime when used for flushing waste. Replace your existing toilet seat with eco-friendly ones that consume 1.6 gallons or at times even less amount of water for removing the waste. Apart from this, you can also set-up dual flush toilet, with the help of which users can select a low to heavy water flow setting, depending on their need.

Next is your water usage for a shower. It is important to bath regularly to remove germs from your body, but a person can always limit the amount of water consumed. For this, you can use low-flow shower heads that will consume less than 2 gallons of water per minute, without the users realizing the less quantity of water used.

The bathroom sinks even consume subsequent amount of water to high water flow pressure. At times, it is seen there is a continuous flow of water from the sink tap due to leakage or improper usage. Therefore you can either use low-flow sink faucet which reduces the high pressure of water flow and keeps a check on the water usage, or you can opt for sensor faucet that will detect the user only when you place your hands underneath the tap. This will eradicate any unwanted flow of water from the faucet and save water.

  • Save electricity:

In your bathroom, electricity consumption in the form of a fan, lights, and electrical appliances needs to be checked to have an eco-friendly bathroom. Exhaust fans are a necessary to remove the humidity, preventing the growth of mold, and eradicating allergic substances from the bathroom. But use fans that consume less amount of electricity and switch it on when required.

Even for bathroom lights, you can replace the older ones with LEDs or low power dim lights that provide enough light for your bathroom but consume less amount of electricity. You can even use skylight or sun tunnel in your bathroom that reduces the necessity of having bathroom lights whenever in use. Skylight functions on solar energy, which is eco-friendly and reduces the humidity level as well.

Apart from these, electrical appliances such as washing machine and geyser should be used when required. Further, use appliances that consume less amount of energy. You can even replace your old heater with radiant floor heating technique that keeps your bathroom warm for a longer span of time. This will eradicate the presence of humidity as well which in turn prevents the growth of molds, bacteria, etc.

  • Use natural bathroom products:

One of the important steps towards having an eco-friendly bathroom is to replace your existing bathroom products with natural ones. From toiletries to bathroom cleaners, if you use natural products, that will eradicate any harmful substances from the bathroom.

You can switch to natural body soaps or shower gels rather than using the petrochemical substances. Use essential oils for beauty remedies than artificial products. Also, replace your paper towels with hand towels which will reduce the consumption of paper used in the bathroom. You can even place sensor hand dryer in your bathroom as an alternative to paper towels. Buying organic products will not only help in maintaining an eco-friendly bathroom environment but will redeem your expenditure as well.

Apart from toiletries, it is also important to switch to natural bathroom cleaners to keep your bathroom hygienic. Using chemical substances like bleach can have an allergic reaction in your body and cause health hazards. Therefore, opt for natural cleaners by using soda and vinegar for having a sparkling bathroom.

  • Add greenery to your bathroom:

You can place small living plants in your bathroom or hang them. This will make your bathroom look clean and green. Also, design your bathroom on the side of your house where it gets the maximum amount of sunlight. Have a bathroom window for the natural flow of air and sunlight to make it eco-friendly.



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