Best Ways to Make Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly

Best Ways to Make Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly

The kitchen is one of the most important places of the house. With the latest trend of kitchen setup, people are more engrossed in having a modular kitchen setup. But more than having a fancy kitchen try to have an eco-friendly kitchen. For this, you need not renovate your kitchen but follow a few steps to go in the ‘Go Green’ way.

We have listed a few simple steps that will help you do wonders at an affordable cost.

Best Ways to Make Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly

Avoid plastic bags:

Plastics are hazardous substances which don’t get decomposed into the soil. Therefore, try to use paper bags that are eco-friendly to store your vegetables as well. While visiting the grocery, use jute bags to redeem the use of plastic bags. Also, use dustbins or recycling bins for throwing waste materials.

Have a kitchen garden:

It can be time-saving to buy herbs and veggies from the local store, but to grow them at home is more environmentally friendly. You will get fresh items for cooking directly from your garden. Plant herbs and use the scraps of vegetable plant new ones. This also reduces the amount of waste.

Consume purified water:

Your apartment might have a well-maintained filtration system, but it is always a good idea to use a filter for purifying the water before consumption. Filtration will remove any harmful particles from water that might affect your health

Use Natural Cleaning Products:

Cleaning the kitchen after use is an important part. So, swipe your chemical cleaners with the eco-friendly ones. These are now readily available in stores. For killing insects as well, avoid using chemical sprays, which contains toxic substances that can affect your health. Besides use kitchen towels for cleaning rather than paper towels. Paper comes from cutting down trees, and reduced use of paper towel will save the greenery around you.

Love your appliances:

Electrical appliances like microwave oven, dishwasher, or electric stove, should be used when needed. This will help in saving electricity, which is generated by burning down coal.

Use glass containers:

Plastic containers can be handy by contains harmful chemicals in its composition. Overexposure to it can be detrimental to health. Therefore use glass containers like mason jars to store spices and other ingredients.

Use LED lights:

LED lights can be slightly costly than normal bulbs, but saves energy and reduce electricity consumption as well. Further, they last longer than ordinary bulbs.

Choose utensils wisely:

Non-stick cookware may look trendy, but with exposure to heat, toxic fumes from the coating get mixed with your food and have a harmful effect on your body. Thus, use stainless steels cookware for eco-friendly cooking. Besides, use utensils that save time and electricity, like a pressure cooker.

Use eco-friendly paint:

While painting your kitchen, avoid using VOC paints. They contain harmful chemicals that merge with the air easily and can render ill health. Use No-VOC paint for having an eco-friendly kitchen.

Add greenery to your kitchen:

It is an innovative idea to decorate your kitchen with small live green plants near the sink, or by hanging them. It will help your kitchen look fresh and eco-friendly as well.



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