Top 5 Reasons Why Green Building Is A Need

Top 5 Reasons Why Green Building Is A Need

Everyone is talking about going green. Every household is using chemicals, air-conditioners, refrigerators, and heaters etc to enhance comfort. However, such measures are causing harm to the environment. It is also putting a huge dent on the natural resources. If the use of natural resources is not controlled, soon the future generation will not have anything left. It is also causing global warming. Therefore, everyone should look for options to go green to save the environment and preserve the resources and at the same time save your hard earned money.

  1. Plan for Energy Efficient Building right from preparing the plan

Many people are looking for going green to save energy costs after the building is already constructed or purchased. It is worth considering the measures to going green at the time of building a home or commercial establishment. You can consider installing the energy efficient electrical appliances, energy saving LED lights, and appliances that run on solar energy etc. The LED lights save up 85% of the energy and reduce your energy bill. Similarly, you can choose solar based ceiling fans, water heaters etc to reduce your energy bill and save the environment.

Top 5 Reasons Why Green Building Is A Need


  1. Save Money through Proper Planning of your building construction

You can consider building your home to start using the natural light during day time. For example, you can make use of optical fiber based lights to provide the natural light for all of the rooms in your home. Therefore, you can save the electricity for home lighting during day time. It offers considerable cost savings. You can also make the design such that natural light reflectors provide direct sunlight to your home and eliminates the need for lights during day time. These measures help to save your electricity bill by up to 50%.

  1. Proper ventilation is necessary to improve productivity in commercial establishments

It is a necessity to build the commercial establishments with proper ventilation. It ensures escape way for the chemicals used in the factory and safeguards the health of work force. Therefore, healthy work force works more and improves your productivity and revenues as well. The building should ensure availability of good quality air.

  1. Eco friendly

The buildings constructed with eco friendly measures reduce pollution and waste of energy. The eco friendly buildings reduce the excessive use of electricity and water. The buildings constructed to save energy and reduce water usage reduces carbon dioxide generation by up to 38% and safeguards the environment, animals in the surroundings, and maintain healthy temperature and air quality. You can consider using the smart electricity management measures to monitor the cooling and reduce the temperature of the room at a bit when in office and switch off the lights when not required through Internet of Things.

  1. Social / Economic Benefits

It safeguards the ecosystems and promotes biodiversity. It creates demand for green products/ services. It reduces strain on the local infrastructure and improves quality of your life.

Though initial costs of going green are high, it offers huge dividends in the long run. It increases the resale value of your home.



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