5 Incredible Facts about Global Warming

5 Incredible Facts about Global Warming

Global warming is not a new phenomenon, and you probably would have heard of it and its impact on the environment in one of your environment classes. Well, hate to break it, but global warming is more serious than the books make it out to be.

Global warming has attained unprecedented levels, and while we, humans, are busy fighting political and social battles, nature is struggling to sustain life forms. Efforts are being, of course, made towards restoration and preservation of the natural environment, but global warming is an evil dude.

In this article, we will discuss briefly a few really surprising points on global warming, and, inarguably, each and every point is an eye-opener and should be seriously considered.

5 Incredible Facts about Global Warming

So, without further ado, here are five incredible facts about global warming:

1. Greenhouse gases

We need these gases but in limited proportions. Once their levels exceed the permissible limits, things become worrisome.

These gases are primarily responsible for the rising temperatures across the globe, and the primary cause for such misfortune is man’s greed.

Humans are employing the usage of fossil fuels to an immeasurable extent. Despite the availability and viability of renewable resources, humans are hell-bent to exploit, without restraint,  limited resources that emit most of these harmful gases.

2. The dangerous levels of Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide is vital to natural processes, but as implied earlier, too much of anything is bad. Thus, too much of Carbon Dioxide has created perilous situations for everyone.

One amazing fact about the unprecedented, terrible levels of Carbon Dioxide is that there is more quantity of this gas in the atmosphere than there have been at any point of time in the preceding 800,000 years.

Well, the fact is pretty amazing, but the reality is pretty ugly.

3. The biggest emitters—The Americans

Every year, some or the other international organization comes up with a list of biggest contributors of greenhouse gases in the world, and every time you will find Americans taking the top slot.

It is unbelievable but true that despite being only 4 percent of the world’s population, the Americans emit about 25 percent of carbon dioxide from extensive fossil fuel combustion.

Well, no wonder, the negotiations leading to the 2016 Paris Agreement witnessed a bitter debate over the historical responsibility of developed nations.

4. Sink the cities

Global warming has diverse repercussions, and one of the most serious ones is the possibility of sinking cities.

Global warming elevates sea levels, and that poses serious risks to coastal and riverside areas. Reportedly, sea levels have been elevated for about 7 inches in the preceding 100 years, which, surprisingly, is more than in the last 2000 years together.

5. Satellites move faster

It is interesting to note that global warming actually makes satellites move faster. Basically, global warming reduces the density of the atmosphere, and thus, the space satellites can move through the smoother environment.

Who would have thought that global warming’s effect would transcend the earthly sphere?


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