Seven Unusual Eco-Friendly Inventions

Seven unusual eco-friendly inventions

The time has come when humans should realize the need to switch to eco-friendly alternatives available; however, many times, we come across such alternatives that do not sit well with our understanding. We are talking about unusual inventions.The purpose of such inventions is, of course, to further the goal of sustainable development, but you cannot simply ignore the unusualness of their existence.

Seven unusual eco-friendly inventions

If you do not know about any unusual eco-friendly invention, we have a few of them to tell.

  1. Eco-friendly burial

Yes, you heard it right, you can have yourself buried without putting too much pressure on the environment below—and this has been made possible by the efforts of a Colorado Company.

The  Ecoffins USA manufactures caskets created from bamboo, banana sheaves or pandanus that disintegrate with the body, and hence, the eco-friendliness. The coffins take about maximum two years to decompose.

  1. Eco-friendly Moss Carpet

It is said that walking on fresh grass boosts blood circulation in the body. To ensure that we do not have to walk all the way to the nearest park to pump up our blood circulation, Nguyen La Chanh has created, what they call, the Moss Carpet.

The Moss Carpet is created from imputrescible foam known as plastazote, and it includes island moss, forest mossand ball moss. The moisture in the bathroom causes the mosses to thrive.

  1. Eco-friendly and Edible Shoe Cream

It is perhaps the weirdest eco-friendly invention in this article. This Shoe Cream was created by Greenfibes and is essentially edible—yeah, you can swallow it if you want!

The shoe cream has multiple utilities such as a lip balm or spreading on a toast.

Well, the shoe cream may be useful, but I do not like the idea of eating something which is applied on shoes! I will pass, and what about you?

  1. Pollution-sensitive dress

Stephanie Sandstorm has designed a dress—EPA Dress—whose primary functionality is thedetection of air pollution. The more pollution there is, the more the dress wrinkles.

The dress will definitely warn you of excessive pollution levels outdoor, but will not be of any help if you are meeting with people or attending formal occasions.

  1. Eco-friendly earrings

One of the most wonderful products from Kitten lab—Eco-Friendly earrings are excellent ways to go green while accessorizing. This accessory is plastic-made and uses IBM Selectric typewriter balls. It is lightweight and trendy.

  1. Eco-Friendly Car Racer

It may be difficult to imagine, but, yes, there exists an eco-friendly race car entirely made from plants. Named Eco One, the car race was designed by a researcher at the Warwick Manufacturing group, Dr. Kerry Kirwan, and made by a student named Ben Wood.

  1. Eco-friendly Baby Clothing

Presently, in the market, there are many brands offering eco-friendly clothing for babies. Most of these clothing send out a strong message in the form of sassy one-liners that will surely make the onlooker embarrassed and perhaps pensive.

So, get your baby an eco-friendly outfit and make him the young messenger of Nature!


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