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5 Best Environmental Books to Read

5 Best Environmental Books to Read

The environment is a serious matter, and everyone one of us is involved in it. We may be callous about our surrounding nature, but, let me tell you, the repercussions of an unstable, a weakened nature can impact you and your family.Not many people appreciate the gravity of the environmental issues, and for such people, […]

Six frightening facts about our environment

6 Frightening Facts About Our Environment

Our Earth is perhaps the most bewitching entity in existence, and to make things more interesting, we belong to her. It is the one and the only thing that sustains us and gives us the means to realize all kinds of goals. So, you would not really imagine the Earth being someone with dark secrets?Well, […]

Seven unusual eco-friendly inventions

Seven Unusual Eco-Friendly Inventions

The time has come when humans should realize the need to switch to eco-friendly alternatives available; however, many times, we come across such alternatives that do not sit well with our understanding. We are talking about unusual inventions.The purpose of such inventions is, of course, to further the goal of sustainable development, but you cannot […]