Seven most Eco-Friendly Buildings in the World

Seven most eco-friendly buildings in the world
Sustainable development has become the need of the hour. It is one of the most important concepts, particularly in the field of environmental studies, and has become thesubject of intense study and research. The reason is simple: sustainable development tries to strike a balance between man’s ambitions and nature’s requirements. It allows humans to continue with their chase for advancement in technology and lifestyle without hampering the natural balance upon which our lives depend greatly.
Seven most eco-friendly buildings in the world

Countries have understood the need for sustainable development, and this has resulted in the development of several eco-friendly infrastructures which are mind-blowing in every sense. If you do not believe us, then check out the following seven eco-friendly buildings:

  1. The Crystal, England

The building is likened to the world-famous Opera House in Sydney due to its infrastructural resemblance with the latter. The Crystal is presently among the most fascinating structures built in the world and continues to impress the world with its uniqueness and companionship with nature. It is regarded as an environmental power-cell, and this is evident from the fact that it is the only recipient of the ‘Outstanding’ certificate and alsopossesses a LEED platinum certification. The building deserves all the recognition since it sets up an exemplary example before the world as a building which consumes renewable resources and operates wholly on electrical energy produced through eco-friendly means.

  1. Pixel, Australia

Just like its peculiarly vibrant design, Pixel is bestowed with peculiar infrastructural smartness that directly impacts the environment. It is the only building in the world to have obtained a 105 rating, which was the highest LEED rating that could be achieved at the time it was certified, and even today, the building holds a distinct place in the heart of eco-friendliness and is among the greenest infrastructures in the world. The building is equipped with solar panels, vacuum flush toilets and anaerobic digester. The creators have marvellously incorporated aesthetic and technologically efficient elements in the design of the building.

  1. Bahrain World Trade Centre

The World Trade Centre in Bahrain is known for its remarkable eco-friendly infrastructure, apart from its unique design. The building features prominent triangular peaks which channel air into the three wind turbines fitted into the façade. It is often cited as an example of a futuristic building, considering the facts that about 15 percent of its electricity requirement is met by turbines; it possesses an amazing heat recovery mechanism and amenity lighting, etc.

  1. Green Lighthouse, Copenhagen

If you did not know already, Green Lighthouse is the first carbon-neutral infrastructure in Denmark and is the brainchild of the University of Copenhagen. The building boasts of a strong harnessing system, coupled with a slick photovoltaic solar heating mechanism which efficiently generates electrical energy from solar energy. In addition to its functionality, the outer design of the building is known for its peculiar circular design which draws its inspiration from the sundial and is intended to capture utmost daylight so as to boost up the entire building throughout the day and night.

  1. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

One of the most remarkable eco-friendly educational institutions in the world is King Abdullah University of Science and Technology which efficiently taps into the available renewable resources and reduces its carbon footprint. It is a mammoth complex that is presently the largest ever LEED Platinum project in the world comprising 27 buildings. The University utilises cent percent wastewater and saves energy by 30 percent annually. When you look at this impressive example of architecture, you will be reminded of an unimaginably beautiful tropical paradise with a sprawling presence.

  1. David & Lucile Packard Foundation, the United States of America

The foundation is popularly known for its commitment to the task of restoration and protection of theearth, and thus, it is no surprise that its infrastructures embody eco-friendly elements. The foundation functions from one of the most sustainable infrastructures in the world—the Packard Foundation HQ in Los Altos. The building is presently the biggest Net Zero Energy recognized building, meaning thereby that it generates as much as it consumes.

  1. TELUS Garden, Canada

Regarded as one of the most beautiful LEED Platinum buildings in the world, TELUS Garden has the honour of getting the highest LEED score. The building comprises a residence tower, highly advanced office tower, and community and retail space. In addition, it also has a rainwater capture system, community food garden and a district energy mechanism that stores heat produced by data centres for warming and cooling residential and office towers. It utilises renewable resources, and, for that purpose, it is equipped with as many as 300 solar panels and provides charging stations for all kinds of electric vehicles. If this is not enough, read this: it also has more than a thousand species of flora and about 10,000 feet of exterior space.


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