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Five ways Maths can Save the Planet

The environment seems boundless and inexplicable in essence. While many endeavour to explain its purpose in biological and ecological terms, there is no definite answer to this mystery. We, in the capacity of curious species, try to understand environmental issues through the lens of scientists closest to nature—environmentalists—but not many try to find solutions to […]

Seven most eco-friendly buildings in the world

Seven most Eco-Friendly Buildings in the World

Sustainable development has become the need of the hour. It is one of the most important concepts, particularly in the field of environmental studies, and has become thesubject of intense study and research. The reason is simple: sustainable development tries to strike a balance between man’s ambitions and nature’s requirements. It allows humans to continue […]

Five ways in which factory farming destroys nature

Five ways in which Factory Farming Destroys Nature

One of the most harmful practices of modern civilisation is industrial agriculture (most commonly known as factory farming). Factory farming is essentially liable for the degradation of lands, harm to animals, and depletion of natural resources, and it survives on its produce which is cheaply and easily available. The consequences of industrial farming have become […]

Five Simple Tips to Reduce Soil Pollution

Five Simple Tips to Reduce Soil Pollution

Soil pollution is essentially the assimilation of man-produced toxic substances in the soil which has harmful effects on animal and plant life. Most commonly known pollutants include pesticides, waste, litter and herbicides, and these are usually generated out of theunwarranted treatment of soil through poor farming and cultivation practices, mineral utilisation and industrial waste dumping.The […]

Seven Different Ways to Celebrate the Earth Day

Seven Different Ways to Celebrate the Earth Day

Earth Day is one of the most fundamental days in a calendar year, and every Earth Day, an endeavor is made from across the world to enlighten the world about the ongoing environmental crisis which needs to progressively addressed in order to stall universal devastation. It is celebrated on April 22 every year, and the […]