Know the Benefits of Raised Bed Gardening


Gardening hobbyists are shifting to raised bed gardening, mainly because of its benefits. Raised beds are basically garden beds raised from the ground level, by making high raised sections with wood and filling them with soil. There are a lot of benefits of this method of gardening and it makes gardens look different and attractive compared to the normal gardens. Below given are the advantages of raised bed gardening so that even you can shift to this method, provided you have the ideal planting conditions and the perfect soil structure. Read more:


  • Controlling Weed: When you plant a raised garden bed, it is above the soil and when you put weed barriers between the ground and the soil, you will not have any weeds around the main plants which you want to grow.
  • Controlling Pests around Plants: When the plants are placed above the soil level, the pests from the soil can come on the plants and damage them whereas in case of raised beds, wires can be put in order to keep the underground pests away. A chicken wire cage can also be put above the garden box in order to keep other animals away.
  • The Soil Quality Stays Better: When soil is put in separate boxes, you can make the soil according to the way you want. You can mix compost, organic fertilizers and other soil nutrients in order to compose the soil the way you want, whereas when you directly plant on the existing soil in your garden, you have to use the soil the way it is.
  • They are Portable: This is probably one of the biggest advantages of raised bed gardens. They are portable and hence, if you shift to a new place or the weather is not suitable for your much loved plants, you can take them indoors or at least in the garage when it is raining or the weather is too hot or cold. If you shift, you will not have to leave your garden behind on which you have worked with so many efforts.
  • Easily Accessible: Because these gardens are small boxes, you can reach each part of the garden easily and water the plants or feed them fertilizers equally. You can inspect them for infections from everywhere and hence, better care can be taken if you switch to raised bed gardening.
  • Better Yields: You will indeed get better yields when you switch to raised bed gardening compared to normal gardening because you will use better quality of soil and take care of it in a limited space.
  • Get a Longer Growing Season: The growing season of your garden plants depends on the temperature of the soil. If you do box gardening, the soil will warm up quickly, thus making the growing season last for a longer time.
  • It looks Aesthetically Pleasing: Raised bed gardening makes your garden look more attractive than the usual garden plants. You can plan the setup according to the colors of the flowers which you plan to grow.


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