Know how Desertification Adversely Affects the Environment!


Forests are very precious to us but sadly, humans are taken over by greed because of which they are exploiting the nature beyond limits. They are cutting down forests for urbanization, industrial use and obtaining raw materials. Further to this, soil erosion takes place because of which, dry lands are formed. This occurrence is known as desertification and it has got consequences which are serious beyond imagination. If measures on personal as well as large mass level are not taken to stop this, the humans will have to face the anger from nature very soon. Desertification has got a lot of effects on the environment because of which the entire ecosystem gets disturbed. Read about these harmful effects below:


  • There is a permanent loss of nutritive matter in the land because of which, it becomes infertile and barren. Such land is of no use even to develop forests or practice agriculture on it. It just becomes a wasted piece of land.
  • There is no water content inside the dry lands and hence, due to desertification, water scarcity is directly affected.
  • The biodiversity is lost. If trees are destroyed and even the soil gets deserted, the flora and fauna which used to once flourish in the area would die when the land gets degraded because there would be no trees, no water and not even good quality soil for a stable ecosystem to flourish in the area.
  • The roots maintain the soil structure and stop the soil from getting eroded but once the trees are cut off, the soil gets eroded and the land becomes permanently barren.
  • Soil acidification can happen because of which the land becomes permanently infertile as various harmful acids get formed into the soil.
  • Land desertification means no trees and if there are no trees, the air quality of the area is directly affected because of the harmful pollutant fumes generated due to industries, vehicles, burning of fossil fuels etc. and the bad air quality can have a lot of health hazards for humans. Along with this, the ozone layer is also depleted.
  • The depletion of ozone layer causes the harmful UV rays of the sun to enter the earth directly, and if a living being comes in contact with these rays, there are a lot of chances of skin diseases and infections occurring due to them.
  • The temperature on earth rises rapidly due to global warming caused due to desertification, affecting the ice cover of the earth. The glaciers on the poles are melting rapidly, disturbing the ecosystem over there as well as increasing the sea water level on the earth, which can cause flooding in the future.
  • Global warming due to desertification causes disturbed rain cycle because of which rainfall is delayed or not distributed equally in all the areas. Delay in rainfall causes disturbance in farming activities, which leads to a lot of loss of farmers, which in turn directly affects the production of food. Irregular rainfalls cause flooding in some areas and drought in other areas, disturbing the entire environmental balance.


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