Know more About Washing Cars in an Ecofriendly Way

more about washing cars in an ecofriendly way

Maintaining the cars by washing them is important for every car owner. We usually use a car washing detergent along with water but this is indeed very harmful for the environment. Firstly, it is a lot of water wastage and the water which is used to clean the car later gets filled with nasty elements like gasoline, oil, heavy metal particles and exhaust fume matter.

This water gets released in the nearest lake or river and it is not necessary that this water goes through sewage treatment. Secondly, detergent and soaps contain a lot of harsh chemicals which are harmful for the environment. Hence, it is high time for us to switch to ecofriendly car washing alternatives and also know some tips for the caring regime so that you can do your bit for the environment. Read more below:

more about washing cars in an ecofriendly way

Do not Park your Car on the Pavement

Instead of parking your car on a pavement, park it on a flat lawn or gravel surface. This is because lawns have grass and soil which contains natural microbes, who act as natural filters, helping in breaking down some of the harmful compounds deposited on the car, which can make the water released after washing less harmful.

Limit the Amount of Water Used

Usually, around 80 to 140 gallons of water is used for washing a normal sized sedan car. But if you really limit the amount of water used and spray water carefully, you can also wash your car in 15 gallons. This might sound next to impossible, but if you try, this can really happen. If you have a larger vehicle, 35 to 50 gallons of water is sufficient.

Send the Water to a Treatment Plant

If it is possible to capture the runoff water, you can send it to a treatment plant yourself so that you can make sure that the water is released safely into the nearest resources.

Do not use Water

Yes! It is possible to clean your car without using water. You can use sponging methods to clean your car instead of spraying the water. Using a spray-on cleaner and cloth to clean your car is also a great option.

Use Natural Car Cleansers

Use naturally made soaps or car cleansers which have no harmful effects on the environment. This way, you can help reduce the amount chemicals which are released in the runoff water after cleaning the car. You will easily find natural cleansers and detergents at any organic store or ecofriendly shop. Using vinegar as a cleanser can also be a great alternative.

Use Green Interior Cleaners

There are a lot of ecofriendly car sprays and perfumes which contain natural oils. Hence, you can breathe more fresh air inside your car and can also protect your vinyl interiors of the car as car care products which contain alcohol cause harm to these interiors. This way, you can control the emission of harmful fumes through normal car sprays as well.


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